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Offensive Observations: Saturday

David Ash seemed more dialed in today as opposed to yesterday. He had a couple of off-target throws during individual drills with the wide receivers, but he settled in during one-on-ones and 7-on-7s.

David Ash had a better day on Saturday than he did on Friday.

He seemed much more comfortable throwing the football with Mike Davis back on the practice field. I was told all the way back to last spring that Ash seemed to have built a better rapport with Davis as opposed to any of the other receivers. It showed as Ash connected with Davis on a few deep balls that were similar to the throws that scored against Texas Tech and Iowa State last season.

Ash didn't blow me away, but I left feeling better about his performance than I did from his Friday showing.


In regards to the other quarterbacks I felt Case McCoy performed like the No. 4 quarterback on the roster today. He was off-target all day in individual work with the receivers and lacked zip throwing the ball outside of the hash marks during live periods.

Connor Brewer got more work on Saturday than I'd heard about him getting or saw him get in the previous five practices. He delivered a nice strike to Bryant Jackson in 7-on-7s. We didn't see a ton of Tyrone Swoopes throwing the football as most of his passes were either checkdowns to the backs or screens.

Jalen Overstreet didn't see much time other than during individual drills. He took a back seat to Swoopes and Brewer today.


I really liked how much Major Applewhite and Larry Porter stressed ball security with the quarterbacks and running backs. Players would have to run through the gauntlet, have Porter nail them with the big pad to try and knock the ball loose, and then have Applewhite take a shot at them with Muhammad Bal-li – Applewhite's broom handle with a boxing glove attached to the end of it.

Expect to see more of Malcolm Brown, Johnathan Gray and Daje Johnson on the field together.

In the previous Longhorn practices I've observed I've never seen this done.


Mack Brown talked about the desire to get Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Gray on the field at the same time. We saw some of that day in 11-on-11 with a three-wide, two-back look featuring Brown lined up at fullback and Gray as the tailback.

That works because Brown looks like the best blocker among the tailbacks. He stoned Dalton Santos during a blitz pickup drill, meaning he's capable of owning perhaps the best linebacker on the team at coming downhill and delivering a pop.

Brown had a couple of good runs during live periods, including a big run where he got wide around the left end. Gray also continued to shine, breaking a long run after he broke an ankle tackle around the line of scrimmage.

Joe Bergeron again looks like the No. 3 running back on the roster and looks like he'll be relegated to backing up Brown and Gray and short yardage/goal line duty. Bergeron scored once during the goal line period as he followed Mason Walters into the end zone on a trap play.


Mike Davis looks like he's carried the confidence he found midway through last season with him into spring football. Whereas previous spring practices we'd see him stay with the pack and wait for him to do something to separate himself from everyone else, he's now setting the tone for the receiver group with his effort and execution along with Jaxon Shipley.

Mike Davis seemed to give the offense a lift on Saturday.

Shipley made a great catch in 11-on-11 over Kevin Vaccaro from Case McCoy and Davis hauled in a deep route down the sideline that Ash dropped in between Duke Thomas and Adrian Colbert.

Kendall Sanders wasn't as prevalent in the offense with Davis back on the field, but he's as close to being on par with Davis and Shipley as anyone else in terms of body control and the ability to high-point the football. Cayleb Jones, aside from a great catch against Sheroid Evans in one-on-ones, had a quiet day.

Even when you consider than Bryant Jackson and John Harris made meaningful contributions in live periods and Marcus Johnson continues to get plenty of work, it was another good day for Darrell Wyatt's group.


A lot of time was spent early in practice working the tight end dump pass to Greg Daniels. Daniels isn't a terrible receiving option, and seems as though the coaches want to see how far he can come as a receiver since he is the best blocking tight end on the team.

M.J. McFarland had a quiet day, and worked again in live periods with his hand on the ground an in motion as at H-back. Geoff Swaim also got some work in the two-tight sets but wasn't a factor in the passing game.

Miles Onyegbule looked overmatched as a blocker in individual drills against the linebackers. The bottom line is none of the tight ends appeared to do anything exceptional.

The group appears as though it'll succeed depending on either Daniels' emergence as a receiver or McFarland's emergence as a blocker.


After a less than stellar performance on Friday, Mason Walters came back with a good practice on Saturday. In addition to leading Bergeron into the end zone on the goal line he performed much better in one-on-one pass pro drills and he was consistent from start to finish.

Kennedy Estelle has some great physical tools, and while he struggled in pass pro against Cedric Reed and Shiro Davis he battled all day. Sedrick Flowers also had a better practice today than he did on Friday, battling and beating Malcom Brown in two straight pass pro reps.

Donald Hawkins helped set the edge on a long run by Malcolm Brown. Overall the first team offensive line was more consistent as a unit. They still have their moments where they'll allow a big play in the backfield, but there weren't very many of those tallied on the account of the first group on Saturday.

There wasn't much to write home about with the second group, other than the fact that Curtis Riser continue to show that he might be in a position to be a factor in the rotation this fall. Other than Riser, I still didn't see anyone capable of contributing from the second line as it was on Saturday.

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