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LHR pres. My Chihuahua Bites Salsa

The Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa with is back, tackling some of the hottest topics relating to Longhorn sports and recruiting in this weekly podcast.

The guys discuss David Ash being named the starter and much more on this week's Longhorn Round-Up.

The team of's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of nothing but Longhorn news and notes.

This week on the show, the guys recap all of the inside reports and information they gathered throughout fall camp. They also break down the depth chart and tell you what surprised them the most when they saw it for the first time.

Like every week there are ten quick-hitting Longhorn questions in “The Blitz”.

Plus, a new feature “Hearing from the Horns” is introduced in this week's first episode of Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa.

Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (1:07:41)

Segment 1: Gridiron Talk (8:16)
9:01 – What sticks out to the guys on Texas' depth chart?
10:28 – One Texas player that has transformed himself
13:31 – Does this 2012 team remind Rod the teams he was a part of?
15:40 – Conversation on the depth chart
17:28 – On the depth of the offensive line
19:00 – Rod's insight to players' psyche after the depth chart is released
20:01 – On Texas tight end position
26:39 – Injury update for Wyoming game
30:00 – A few milestones for Mack Brown this season?
32:47 – Hearing from the Horns... Mack Brown what he learned about his team in fall camp
34:40 – Hearing from the Horns... Bryan Harsin on why David Ash was named the starting quarterback
35:40 – On David Ash's mental toughness
37:35 – Hearing from the Horns... Manny Diaz compares the 2011 defense to the 2012 defense
39:31 – Hearing from the Horns... David Ash the offense's potential upside
40:26 – Rod's positives and negatives from Texas' fall camp
41:46 – On the style of play Texas has been transitioning towards
45:49 – On the lofty expectations for the Texas defense
50:00 – Does Mack Brown have a different mentality and approach to the Texas players?

Segment 2: The Blitz (57:07)
57:31 – Will Jordan Hicks be a finalist for the Butkus Award
57:58 – Will Texas have more than four non-offensive touchdowns this season?
58:31 – The first touchdown pass for the Texas Longhorns will not be from a quarterback?
58:53 – Texas will run the Wild formation over or under three times?
59:08 – Will Dalton Santos deliver the biggest hit in the Wyoming game
59:32 – Will the Longhorns be ten deep on the offensive line by the end of the season?
59:57 – Would Rod rather play corner opposite Quandre Diggs or Carrington Byndom?
1:00:33 – If you were in a street fight would you want to fight alongside Mason Walters or Kenny Vaccaro
1:01:33– Has Vince Young thrown his last pass in the NFL?
1:02:43 – What hurt worse... Breaking your ribs? Or being ran over by Michael Griffin?

Segment 3: Overtime (1:04:37)
1:04:37– Bennie Wylie's inspiration for “Overtime”
1:04:55 – Jeff's “Overtime” on leadership
1:06:18– The Next Episode

Listen to this week's Longhorn Round-Up here

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