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There is plenty of speculation surrounding Julien Lewis and whether he will transfer or not. Since the departure of Sheldon McClellan and Myck Kabongo (who Texas lost to the draft), many feel like Lewis may be the next in line.

Julien Lewis has yet to decide whether or not he will transfer this offseason.

The possibility is there, but at this point nothing is set in stone. Lewis apparently has been torn on the issue and is still mulling over his options.

The fact is no one – not even Lewis it sounds like – knows exactly what he’ll do just yet. It’s a situation worth keeping an eye on and the possibility of a transfer definitely remains.


Speaking of Sheldon McClellan, the one-time Longhorn who left the program in March now has his eye on five schools. He told Jeff Goodman of 247Sports partner CBS Sports that he is currently looking at Marquette, Oregon, Illinois, Miami and Fresno State (where former Texas assistant Rodney Terry is the head coach).

Wherever he lands, McClellan will have to sit out one year due to NCAA regulations, but will still have two year of eligibility remaining.


One of the major questions facing the 2013 signees is where exactly things stand with Orlando, Fla. shooting guard Demarcus Croaker. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound four-star prospect, who just so happens to be the Horns’ highest ranked commit, had a little academic trouble earlier in his senior year but it sounds like that may all be fixed now.

“We believe everything will be just fine with Demarcus,” a source at Jones High School said. “I don’t think he’ll have any trouble qualifying academically. From what I understand, everything is a go, but we’ll know for sure when his scores come back in.”

Texas signee Demarcus Croaker is confident his grades will be in line to play for Texas next season.

Croaker, Texas’ highest-ranked commit, had already taken his ACT once, but wasn’t satisfied with the score, so he took the test again a few weeks ago. Croaker himself feels like he did an excellent job.

“I feel like I aced it,” he said. “I’m not worried about it and the Texas coaches aren’t either. I’ll be in Austin soon enough, I can promise you that. Everything is good for me grade wise and everything will be good for me ACT wise.”

Expect official results to be in over the next couple of weeks.

The one-time Murray State commit decided to be a Longhorn last month, choosing Texas over programs such as Baylor, Missouri, Florida State, Miami, Marquette, Vanderbilt, LSU, Virginia Tech and more.


On Sunday the Longhorns hosted 2013 prospect Martez Walker, a 6-foot-5, 170-pound shooting guard out of Detroit, Mich. The visit - which was an official one - for Walker lasted until Tuesday and he says it couldn’t have gone better.

“Everything went really well,” Walker told Hookem.com. “It was a great visit. I got to do a lot with the team and coaches. I watched them work out, ate good with them and just chilled with them all. It was a really good time.”

While on the visit, Walker was extended an offer, which he says took him by surprise.

Rick Barnes and staff recently hosted Detroit shooting guard Martez Walker for an official visit.

“I couldn’t believe they offered me,” he explained. “I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t expecting an offer from such a big school like Texas. It meant a lot to get it, that’s for sure.”

The Detroit product didn’t commit, as he still has a couple of other visits to take before making a final decision.

“I visited Temple before my trip to Texas. Now I have the University of Central Florida and Providence left. Those are my last two. Once they’re done, I’ll go from them and make a decision.”

Although he won’t name any favorites at the time, Walker did admit that Texas is sitting in a good position with him.

Besides Texas, he also claims offers from Iowa, USC, Miami, Temple, Iowa State, Eastern Michigan, Providence, South Florida and Bradley.


Euless Trinity center Myles Turner is beginning to make a big impression on coaches across the state and nation. The four-star prospect already holds four offers, all from Big 12 programs, and is becoming one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the state for 2014.

Up to this point Texas, along with Kansas State, Baylor and Oklahoma State have offered, but Rick Barnes and his staff are doing everything possible to catch Turner’s attention.

Texas offered 2014 center Myles Turner a few weeks ago and are in good standing at the moment.

“Myles is hearing from Texas a lot,” said Myles’ father, David Turner. “Coach Barnes and Coach (Chris) Ogden are in constant contact with him. They are recruiting him pretty hard.”

Turner’s father says that the offer from Texas happened last month, when members of the Texas staff came to see his son in person.

“It was about three or four weeks ago when it happened,” Mr. Turner said. “It was actually Coach Barnes that did it. He came in and saw him, then offered Myles personally.”

The 6-foot-11, 225-pound prospect has already been to Texas a handful of times for unofficial visits and will visit Austin again in the future.

At the moment he doesn’t have a list of top schools, but Turner’s father reassured Hookem.com that Texas is a school that his son definitely likes.


Shooting guard Damiyne Durham (Oakwood, Tex.) might not be a name that Texas fans are familiar with, but that may change soon. The Horns have been evaluating the 6-foot-4, 175-pound prospect for some time now and things are beginning to really heat up.

“It really started picking up for Damiyne about three weeks ago I would say,” said Coach Ashley, an assistant coach at Oakwood. “They’ve seen him before, but about three weeks ago he played at a tournament in Houston and they saw him again. Since then it’s picked up.”

Contact between Texas and 2014 shooting guard Damiyne Durham has picked up of late.

Texas assistant coach Chris Ogden is in charge of Durham’s recruitment and has maintained contact with the Oakwood staff since seeing the three-star prospect in action in March.

“He’s told us that Texas likes Damiyne a lot,” said Ashley. “There’s been a lot of phone contact with us about him. I know he’s planning on stopping by the school anytime now to get a chance to talk to him personally.”

Ogden will see Durham in action over the course of the weekend as well.

“They’re actually going to go see him again at another tournament he has coming up this weekend. Coach Ogden told us that they are highly interested in Texas and want to continue to evaluate him further,” Ashley told Hookem.com.

Durham doesn’t hold any offers currently, but is receiving interest from most of the programs in the Lone Star State.

He remains open to everyone, but has told the Oakwood coaching staff that an offer from Memphis would be a game changer, as he grew up a fan of the program.


The Longhorns stopped by Manvel High School this week to take a closer look at Leon Gilmore III, a 6-foot-6, 220-pound 2014 shooting guard who is beginning to turn a lot of heads in the college basketball world.

Manvel head basketball coach Duke Barrier confirmed to Hookem.com that Gilmore was offered by Texas on Wednesday, but we’ve been unable to catch up with Gilmore himself for his thoughts on the Texas offer.


Texas has also expressed some interest in 2014 small forward Terry Larrier of New York, NY. While nothing serious has happened yet, Larrier says that the Horns continue to evaluate him.

“I’ve heard from them some here and there,” Larrier told Hookem.com. “They’ve been showing interest in me, but I don’t know how interested they are yet.”

If Texas does plan to get more involved, expect them to become a serious contender for Larrier. His favorite player is former Longhorn Kevin Durant and he’s well aware of where Durant went to school.

Up to this point, Larrier’s offers are mostly those from smaller schools, but with his stock rising, that could soon change.


Texas continues to recruit Rockwall shooting guard Austin Grandstaff, who is arguably one of the state’s top prospects for 2015.

“I actually started hearing from Texas when I was in 8th grade,” said Grandstaff. “I’ve known all the coaches there for a long time. My dad is friends with them, especially Coach Russ (Springmann). I know them all really well and they’ve been recruiting me for a while.”

Due to their longtime relationship, Grandstaff says he’s really hit it off with the staff in Austin.

“I just feel really comfortable around those guys,” he explained. “Whenever we talk or they see me for recruiting stuff, it’s always just so laid back. I feel right at home with any of them, no matter which coach it is.”

The four-star prospect has yet to be offered, but it sounds like that may change in the near future, especially if he has a standout summer.

“It sounds like Texas will offer me real soon,” Grandstaff told Hookem.com. “We’ve talked about it a lot recently. I think next time I go down for a visit and sit down with them, that’s when it will happen. We’ve discussed it and I’m pretty sure they just want me to come down there to make it official.”

Grandstaff already holds offers from Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Marquette and Oklahoma State.

When the Horns do finally extended an offer, you can expect them to be right in the mix.

“There’s no doubt they will be one of my top schools,” Grandstaff said. “Like I said, I’m just so comfortable with them and feel right at home there. They’ll always be a school I seriously consider.”

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