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Texas beats the EPA again.

  • The sixth judicial slap down for Obama's EPA.


    Texas beat the Obama White House once again when Tuesday’s ruling from the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected the Environmental Protection Agency's improper and illegal Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

    “Yet another federal court has reined in an overreaching EPA for violating federal law and intruding on Texas sovereignty,” Attorney General Greg Abbott said. “Texas challenged the Obama Administration’s burdensome and unlawful regulations because they jeopardized electric reliability in the state, threatened job losses for hard-working Texans, and exceeded the limits of the EPA’s authority.”

    The Court reprimanded the EPA for their actions of issuing the CSPAR regulations.

    “Vindicating the State’s objections to EPA’s aggressive and lawless approach, today’s decision is an important victory for federalism and a rebuke to a federal bureaucracy run amok,” Abbott continued.

    Abbott went after the EPA when they blatantly ignored and violated the federal Clean Air Act by demanding regulations they are not authorized to issue according to federal law.

    “EPA’s approach punishes the States for failing to meet a standard that EPA had not yet announced and the States did not yet know,” the Court stated against another White House attempt to violate state’s sovereignty.

    Under the Clean Air Act, states retain the authority and flexibility to establish their own unique state-based programs to ensure federal standards are met.

    The court slammed the EPA for immediately seizing control of states’ permitting programs before states were properly given an opportunity to comply with the EPA’s new emissions limits.

    “Today’s ruling puts the brakes on regulatory overreach by the Obama administration’s EPA,” Texas Senator John Cornyn said. “While we have a long way to go in the fight against burdensome overreach, today's ruling is a victory for jobs and job creators in Texas."

    Sen. Cornyn issued a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson last year warning of the dangers of her organization forcing their hand illegally.

    In Texas, “the EPA’s overreach was especially onerous,” a release from Abbott’s office stated. The EPA didn’t provide Texas the required advance notice.

    Texas was suddenly added to EPA’s regulations after the state was originally not included in key aspects of the proposed rule that was published in August 2010.

    The Lone Star State was added to the EPA regulations “based upon a single air quality monitor in Granite City, Illinois” that “was fundamentally flawed not only because a nearby steel mill necessarily impacted that location’s air quality, but because that very location actually satisfied federal air quality standards.”

    “Our limited but important role is to independently ensure that the agency stays within the boundaries Congress has set” the Court wrote. “EPA did not do so here.”

    The Court also chastised the EPA for issuing “Federal Implementation Plans” without giving the States an initial opportunity to implement the obligations themselves through their State Implementation Plans, or SIPs.”

  • That's 0-3 for the EPA in recent major court battles. They have done some good things in the past (Don't get me wrong, I work in the Oil & Gas business), but they are on a run recently where they use politics instead of science to regulate. They need to get back to using scientific data (e.g. lead is bad, hey stop putting lead near my food!) and stop these bullshit mandates that have only one objective: prop up the so-called "green energy" businesses that would fail without government aid. Ok I'm done.

  • Oh yeah...Texas won big time! Texas won big if you like breathing toxic air.


    Texas power plants led the pack in 2010, with nearly 257 million ton of CO2 emissions, as much as the next two states combined (Florida and Ohio), and more than seven times the total CO2 emissions from power plants in California. Despite a favorable climate for wind energy and falling natural gas prices, Texas opened three new coal plants toward the end of 2010, with a combined capacity of 2,156 megawatts. The 10 worst states for CO2 pollution identified in the report are Texas, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri.

  • JeezGuy

    ummm yeah.

  • Breathing in toxic air = adapts me into a superhuman

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  • Derp.

    You can't lead with "Toxic Air" and then talk about CO2.

    Climate effects are one thing, but do you by any chance know what "toxic" means?

  • I lived in Dallas for 50 years - breathed the air every day.

    I can run a 10K in a little over 45 minutes - my lungs are just fine JLT - quit whining.

  • Not my opinion moron - it is fact. Texas is #10 out of 50 for the most "toxic" air in the States. If you are unable to distinguish clean air from toxic air, good for you, enjoy.


  • Dude - I gotta tell you, running a 10k in 45 minutes and living in a state with a high concentration of toxins are not correlated. Get a clue...

    You guys are letting your political views dominate what should be common sense. If you don't think toxins are harmful, go sit in your garage, start your car, and close the garage doors.

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  • JeezGuy

    LOL. Yet you draw a correlation between the air quality in Dallas and sitting in a garage with the car running.

    I'd equate that study to the greenies bitching the Passat is a gas guzzling POS because it comes in 5th behind the prius, and 3 others like it even though it gets 35 MPG. Not questioning where Texas ranks just suggesting that its not as bad for you as they want you to believe.

  • Toxins "not as bad for you as they want you to believe"? Who are you referring to? Please provide any facts (not sponsored by Fox News please) that prove toxins are "not...bad for you".

    I'm a native Texan, but now live in Atlanta. In the summer there is often a brown cloud over the city of Atlanta and surrounding area. This brown cloud, which is clearly visible to the eye, is literally a cloud of toxins from automobile and factory exhaust. You can smell it in the air. I assure you it is very unpleasant...I don't give a shit which political party is sitting in the White House. Pollution is pollution and toxic air is toxic air.

    Why don't you sit in your garage, start your car, but don't close the garage door all the way and breath deeply? Enjoy those toxins that aren't so bad for you! LMAO.

  • I didn't mention CNN, but yes, I absolutely believe CNN is more honest than Fox. Murdoch's agenda and deceitful methods are transparent and well known. Haven't you heard?? So obsessed is Murdoch that his illegal hacking activity forced UK lawmakers to deem him "unfit" to run his own business. His son James was deemed "incompetent" and both were cited for "willful blindness". By the way, this is not good when you are head of a news empire that hilariously and ironically has a slogan of "fair and balanced".

    There is no single individual at CNN (Time Warner) driving such a left wing agenda - which is not to say they are perfect. If you have hard evidence of something different, please share. I'd be very interested in reading about it. I am in no way passionate about CNN, but my simple answer to your question is "yes" - I do believe CNN is far more honest than Fox as does every independent fact checking organization that I've ever encountered.

    I watch news to actually get the news - not a political party ramming their agenda down my throat.

  • JeezGuy

    hate to break it to your moronic ass but there are toxins everywhere all around you all day long. Just because there are doesn't mean they aren't acceptable levels that will do you no harm. Just like you have bed bugs and mites crawling all over you at night while you sleep. Your problem is you believe the BS, you know like global warming, that the alarmists want you to believe. Here, let me clear up another one for you, an occasional drink while pregnant won't cause fetal alcohol poisoning. The water from your tap, at least where I live, is safe to drink and you don't have to have zero water for it to be safe.

    Now, since you have suggested I kill myself through carbon monoxide poisoning then yes that scenario is toxic. The idea that make believe world is what the air is like in Texas is where you fall flat on your ass. Its not. Now if you want toxic go to Mexico City. that place has problems.

    You're just another alarmist and nothing more.

  • JeezGuy

    your news is nothing but political agenda being crammed down your throat. But the good news for me is I actually am communicating with that one person who watches cnn. I think I will have a parade.

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  • In a joint study by the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University and the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the authors found disparate treatment by the three major cable networks of Republican and Democratic candidates during the earliest five months of presidential primaries in 2007: “The CNN programming studied tended to cast a negative light on Republican candidates—by a margin of three-to-one. Four-in-ten stories (41%) were clearly negative while just 14% were positive and 46% were neutral. The network provided negative coverage of all three main candidates with McCain faring the worst (63% negative) and Romney faring a little better than the others only because a majority of his coverage was neutral. However, Democrats tended not to fare well either, with the exception of Obama. Nearly half of the Illinois Senator’s stories were positive (46%), vs. just 8% that were negative

  • Enjoy your parade. Even if I am the only one watching CNN, which I rarely do, it wouldn't bother me at all. Have a great labor day...

  • If you honestly think that CO2 is a pollutant, I'd suggest that you quit breathing out. That way , you won't be a serial polluter.