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  • Quit Hating and support your president!!! i have a had to in the past even though i didnt agree with who got elected, but i didnt come on here and cry about it. What does hating the President get you in real life? Grow the F up and deal with it. What you are doing is Unamerican to say the least, so if you dont like America you have the choice to leave.

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  • Simplistic, anal and wrong.

    Other than that, great post.

  • This pus pocket, piece of shit in the oval office is destroying the country.

    Poor people vote for the cocksucker because they need to. Black people vote for him just because he's black. (how racist is that?)

    PS. His raccoon-butt ugly wife with her fugly horse mouth is enough reason to not vote for him IMO.

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  • You seriously dont have any respect for this country. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American.

  • Lot's of respect for this country. Pure hatred for the people (Obama and other far left jackasses) that are trying to tear it apart.

    I'm waiting for one policy decision from our stupid effing potus that makes me think he loves America as much as I do.

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  • I'd like to ask you what you do for a living?
    Who do you work for?
    Who do you employ?
    What do you contribute to society?

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  • He stimulates the economy by using food stamps.

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  • Excuse me sir, but I work for General Electric thank you very much. I have a bachlor's degree in Business Administration. None of this changes the fact that you dont have respect for you country by disrespecting the President of it. So what if you dont like him or agree with him. Hate will get you no where. You seem like you have some serious person issue or vendetta. We have had numerous of other presidents that were not very good but you have not come on here and blast them. Using hate is very strong, and the fact that you now have a problem, can only lead me to believe you dont like Obama because he is black. If that is the case, that is racism. While i may not agree with everything he does. I still have enough respect for the office itself and what it represents for our country not to speak this way about the POTUS. I did not support Bush but i had respect for him because of the office he held. You should try the same, and try not to have hate in your heart.

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  • Right on cue - play that race card. It couldn't be his dumbshit policies.

    The color of Obama's skin is the only thing about him that I do not find offensive.

    The shithead has chosen to be leader of half the country. He panders to poor people and black people.

    I'm neither.

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  • Since when was it "unamerican" to disrespect some one who by his actions is doing his best to destroy our current capitalist American system and replace it with a socialist, secular society. His actions, associations and words have proven this as his goal. He is a radical, leftist, elitist politician who is promoting his own political agenda and beliefs to the detriment of the country. He gets no respect from me, president or no president. Respect must be earned and he has failed miserably in every way. I have lived through numerous administrations and have never seen any like this guy, not even close. Sadly, and ironically, it is also the younger generations and poor, his main voting block who are getting completely screwed and don't even fully realize it yet. swirl

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  • You know you guys are more than welcome to move to a better country if you feel the majority doesnt support the views of the general population. Like i said regardless if you like or dislike his views. He is the President of the country you live in. Why does that not count for anything? No one is asking you to like him or change your views but for you to start a thread like this is not right. There are other forums that share your same thoughts and views. Why not go there and vent your fustrations instead of coming on here where not everyone may agree with you and rubbing people the wrong way

  • How does this have anything to do with his political views or agenda? This is just wrong and hateful

  • Probably wrong and definitely hateful. Mostly unnecessary. I have to agree with you.

    When you don't like someone a lot, it's easy to pick at their appearance. Obama and his wife are probably, in truth, a normal looking couple. Since I can't stand either one of them, he's got stupid looking ears and she's got a horse mouth. Nancy Pelosi looks like a scarecrow to me. Barney get the point.

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  • I'd vote for a Black transvestite Martian if she was a good conservative.

    Sexual orientation, Race, gender - they mean NOTHING to me.

    A States rights, balanced budget, strong military conservative trumps ALL of the above.

    You couldn't be more clueless in playing the race card.

    Again, simplistic, anal and wrong.

  • I don't hate Obama as a person. I reserve that for Al Gore. He is absolute scum who I can't help but loath. But I do hate what he is doing to this country. I just look at Obama at what he is; a paid shill who is fronting a political movement who is intent in turning America into an European neo-socialist country with a political elite becoming rich on the take. Its a movement that started during my youth during the 1960's. Chicago politics on steroids. What's funny is that your generation is the one that will feel the ultimate burden of the debt that Obama and his Chicago buddies are using to entrench themselves in power. By the time your boy is done; he will have built a federal debt that translated to actual tax payers is larger than most peoples mortgages. You are personally going to be paying on the immense debt that will continue to grow larger as long as you work, but you can't see past your confirmation bias to see it.

    Me, I'm old and wealthy. I can financially plan around Obama's economic idiocy and live out my last years in the lap of luxury. I'd like it to be here; but if it gets ugly enough; then I will be out of here. There are beautiful places that will welcome me with open arms if I decide to move. I had hoped that my sons would have the same opportunity to thrive to the success that I had; but that's old history. I'm not going to lay this on Obama's feet; Bush II is the President that fucked the country. Obama simply is a political opportunist who swooped in to feed on the bones; rather than trying to rebuild the country.

    I think I understand Obama. A fucked up black kid whose mother dumped into on his white grandparents to raise. A black father who he never knew; but in abstract terms turned him into someone a demi-god. . Educated in elite white society; but always feeling like an outsider who grew a massive chip on his shoulder; but never to the point of not playing the "affirmative action" card to move up to the next step. He still carries a major antipathy towards wealthy whites who he was envious of during his adolescent years . Its important to him to show them that he their better and now is putting them in their place. It doesn't matter that those wealthy whites for 200 years have created the American economy that allowed him to use affirmative action to get to where he is today. Getting even is more important than giving future generations the opportunities he has. I suspect that at least part of that narrative resonates with you.

    What I don't understand is why educated young blacks can't see past their confirmational bias and understand that Obama and the democrats are going to be sell them out; just as they are whitey. There isn't going to be some decree exempting educated blacks from paying the massive debt that they are building to create the American Politburo. . You have degree; so you should be able to under the math. At this point, the only people paying net taxes are those making over $50K per year. That's around 60 million people. They are going to be the only people footing the billing for the $20 trillion debt that will be Obama's primary legacy. That's over $300,000 for everyone who makes $50K per year. How do you feel that you are $300K in debt and the debt is growing. I would have been mortified if when I was a 20 something; that I knew I was already $300K in debt and would have to pay on that debt with no personal gain for the remainder of my life. I have to wonder when that economic reality overcomes the confirmational bias of affirmative action. I suspect it will be a while. First is what affirmative action turns out. College graduates who wear their caps angled backwards.

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  • Wonder what it is going to look like when interest rates are not arbitrarily held low.

    When the world wises up and no longer uses the United States dollar as the currency used to purchase oil, I'm thinking $7 or $8 a gallon. That should help the economy.

    The poor and the black people that overwhelmingly support this buffoon are going to get a shot of reality shortly.

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  • Gordosan has pretty much nailed how I feel. You are an excellent writer who expresses his thoughts clearly.

    Get Hooked, when they are finally unable to artificially hold back the interest rates and they inevitably rise back to their historical average, or even more likely well above the average, the country is going to go bankrupt make no mistake about it, and no amount of egregious taxation or eloquent pie in the sky speeches will be able to put Humpty Dumpty back again. It is basic mathematics and considering who is in power now we are likely already at the point of no return. The last four presidential elections have seen to that. I will no longer call myself a Republican after the debacle that was George Bush when he had full control and conducted his fiscal policy like a liberal and set the stage for some one like Obama to come to power and attempt to totally destroy this country.

    Thatboyb, I truly feel there is a deception that has come across this country that prevents many from being able to see what this man is doing and where his plan is inevitably taking us. Its like a lobster that is initially placed in luke warm water and suddenly is over come as it comes to a boil leading to its destruction. One only need look at history to see clearly where this train is heading, or just ask the many who have immigrated here in search of the freedoms we have so long enjoyed that are being stripped away. The freedom to rise from low means to what ever you aspire and are willing to work to become. My own life is an example of a this and perhaps yours is as well. I know at some point you have to just agree to disagree but step back, get past GetHooked vitriol, and look a bit harder at what we are saying here and the truth of it will be revealed. I suspect you see it but just do not like the harshness of the criticism but I may be wrong too.

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  • Barbara Bush looked like Willie Nelson but I still liked her. Maybe it is because I like Willie also.

  • Agree we have to get control of the budget. Better economy will help that. The problem with major cuts in entittlements will put about 50 percent of country on the street. That is a dangerous situation.Some of those people are former miltitary families. I agree they need to cut back on the real free loaders . After a period of time on welfare or unemployment, make them go to work rebuiding bridges , highways, etc that are falling apart. If they refuse, stop the payments.

  • No. Don't plan to move. Love what my country has been, can be and will be again once we realize our loyalty shouldnt be bought off with food stamps. It isnt about class warfare, race-baiting and "getting what we can" from the government.

    These idiots think they are taking from the government and fail to realize that, according to the Constitution, this government is We the People.

    Unfortunately, it looks like people like Pelosi and Obama are going to have to drag our country to rock bottom first. Eventually enough Americans will figure out something that should be common sense --- that half the population doing 90 percent of the work wont get it done.

    At that point, those that are true patriots - rather than leeches - and love our nation can rebuild it. The only question is how low we must go before that happens...

    P.S. ... I dont understand why trolls like Obama that hate what America has always stood for and Obamas lockstep supporters didnt move rather than insist on causing so much harm to our country. There are other countries that operate with their system of government ... guess they dont like being around Cuban cigars and North Korean weather..

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  • Sorry about my rant. Yes we desperately need a better economy, but we aren't going to see it under this president. Two dynamics. First is the butt-fuck stupid green agenda that his administration is promoting. Its sheer lunacy. The rest of the world is running away from it as fast as they can; Obama is fully embracing it. At this point; no one really believes in this shit. There hasn't been any global warming for almost 15 years. Climate change has been happening for as long as our little planet has existed. Its all about money and paying off big money democratic contributors at this point. We could easily add 2% to GDP growth in the next decade if Obama went all in on America's burgeoning shale hydorgen carbon potential; but that's obviously not going to happen.

    But probably more important ; his primary goal is to pull more money from the private sector into the government sector thru higher taxes. That started my rant on the ObamaFraud thread when Bruthaman showed his small brain and I had to respond. Same thing occurred with this threadl. We witnessed during the 20th century, the most massive experiment comparing capitalism and collectivism that we will ever see and in terms of economic growth; capitalism was the clear winner. Why the Germans haven't joined Switzerland and dumped the EU is beyond me; but my guess is that they will within the next decade. Obama and his handlers are targeting us for the future of Europe minus Germany going forward. I don't want to be Greece, but that is where is are rapidly headed.

    Bottom line, with those two economic dynamics. ; we won't see any economic growth beyond the tepid recovery we've seen for the last four years. Maybe 2% GDP growth even with the massive fiscal stimulus that Bernacke has pumped into the system. We won't see massive inflation as long as unemployment is at 8% [14% if you look at real numbers]. , but commodity inflation will continue to erode the value of dollar and spending power of the middle class. Without entitlement reform; the debt will continue to explode and ultimately we won't be able to pay the bill.

  • I think that ship sailed the day we re-elected this jackass. If the Dems take the House back, it'll get really ugly.

    I also think we are totally screwed for decades. Obozo might have as many as 3 more Supreme Court nominees. That should effectively screw us for the rest of my son's lifetime.

    I don't see any way back for the country to be the one I grew up in at this point.

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  • I get this and i understand it. I just didnt like the way our President was being disrespected in this thread. I just feel like everyone supported Bush and alot of other presidents who were not very good. So why does Obama not deserve the same. I said i dont agree with everthing he does or has done. I just dont understand why the hatred. To come on here and say you hate him and he is ruining this country is kinda crazy to me, because like you pointed out this didnt start with Obama and probably wont end with him either. I appreciate the intelligence of this post though, and i will definately look into the things you are talking about. Hating each other is not going to get where we want to be as a country, and i dont see it happening until we unite as one country as a whole. Sorry if i went all MLK on yall.

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  • Good post. Upvote for you sir.

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