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  • In spite of DeLoss and the boys...

    College Football's Hottest Fanbases of 2012:

    College football is just the best. I love everything about it. The early Saturday morning tailgating, the bands, the student sections and, of course, the girls. There is nothing hotter than a hot college football fan...
  • yeah regardless of how popular they are today, Texas is as big and as rich and as powerful because of Deloss and the boys. Deloss and the boys had us as a top school in the three major sports for many years. Though right now it does look pretty bad, more so for Baseball and Basketball, than Football. These guys were the architect of what made Texas so successful and so rich for many years. I realize that people have short term memories and its more about "what have you done for me lately" but lets not forget what these people did for the University in the first place. These are the guys that made the fan base larger than any other fan base in the NCAA.

    The only one who should be on a short leash or fired would be Rick Barnes, largely in part he has never brought us a National Title, but lets not forget how poor our Basketball program was before Rick Barnes.

    Augie...........well Augie had a rough year no doubt, but how many recruits did he get verbal commitments from only to go into the MLB before ever stepping foot on the 40 acres, this last recruiting class. Augie has earned 1 more year!

    Mack Brown.....what has Texas football been in between DKR and Mack Brown? Largely inconsistant! Mack has brought us to two title games, multiple BCS bowls, his bowl record is emaculate. No, Texas football is not up to standard right now, but he is getting it back to where we want it. Mack Brown is getting the Football program back up to HIS standard. we talk about how we expect better. not counting DKR years how many ten win seasons did we have before Mack Brown;

    All I am saying is realize what these people built, some off the pillers may be collapsing right now. None-the-less these are the men that built it up so high in the first place, now lets see if they can fix the damge they helped creat as well. Dont act as if The name "Texas" built its self. I can assure you it did not!

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  • ChampKind

    Florida State University fan would like a word with you. Point? FSU was largely irrelevant before Bowden took over and built that program. Then he nearly burned it to the ground because he was unable to recognize that it was time to go. No good run lasts forever (see, Greece, Rome, Persia).

  • I understand the thank you for what you have done. I am truly grateful. However when it is time to go it is time to go. Most never realize this. In my opinion all 3 of the major mens sports programs are consistent in 1 thing - it is time to go. The attitude that you will bring us back to greatness just does not ring true with me. Bowden is a primary example. Rich yes, championships no. Saban has won more in 3 years then Mack in 14 running on 15. If you believe that Bama is a better situation than ours then you are looking at this through rose colored glasses. Mack has done more with less than a lot of coaches would have. That being said DeLoss has your attitude as well and has had a crappy record on the hiring of football coaches other than Mack. I will patiently wait until the BMDs get rid of them all. I am still proud of our hot fan base though!

  • There is not one individual above The University - Florida State is a classic example of causing harm if a coach is allowed to stay to long - thanks can be expressed in many ways without harming the program

  • I was never a Penders fan, but I will give him credit for having the UT basketball program at a level no less than what we have witnessed over the last few seasons. That is not to say that Barnes did not improve on that standard from the 2002-03 season through the 2007-08 seasons, because he clearly did. However, the last 5 seasons have actually been no better and in several respects they have been worse than the average Penders season which was:

    10.2-4.9 conference record
    2nd place finish (3rd if using arithmetic mean, 2nd if using median)
    80% of making the tournament
    1.1 tournament wins

    By comparison, the last 5 years of Barnes has given an average of

    9.4-7.4 conference record
    5th place finish (both mean and median)
    80% chance of making the tournament
    0.4 tournament wins

    I will acknowledge that the Big 12 has more good teams than the old SWC and that 8 of Penders' 10 seasons at Texas were in the SWC. While the relative conference strength may be the primary reason for the better conference showings under Penders, the evidence still tends to show the basketball program is presently no richer than it was before Barnes arrived.

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  • Let me clarify a thing or two. I am not overly defending any of these coaches all I am saying is that we should not act as if Texas would be what it is with out these men.

    Mack brown in not nobby Bowden.....yet. As far as his rebuilding has gone he has been consistently getting better. With a very young team. Next season being young is no excuse anymore. We will be one of the most experienced teams in the whole nation. If Mack Brown cannot win the Big 12 and beat OU next season I will be back on the force Mack brown out wagon, (not fire him, he deserves better, but he should be asked for a resignation letter)! The only reasons I could see us not winning is if David Ash regresses, or by Mack Brown letting Diaz stay on comes back to haunt us (lets hope it does not). We won 9 games in the second best conference with the worst defense in Texas History!

    Won't get into much detail, but anyone who follows UT Baseball knows Augie deserves one more year, if he can't get us back into the runnings for Omaha, then maybe he has truly lost it. But he will go into history regardless as one of if not the best coach in NCAA baseball history.

    Lets not totally turn our back on these guys. Well except Barnes I have been super disappointed in what he has failed to do with the talent he is able to bring in. Though with that said he has drastically helped turn this program into a well respected team again. Obviously not of late, especially with his own players now. He as also helped with recruiting football players.

  • Quit being so reasonable! It's no fun. :)

  • Your right, my bad. No fun in using reason! Lol