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The weekend in Big 12 men's hoops

  • Tip off in 20 minutes, and I'm just getting started with this. Too much work, I suppose, or I'm still feeling the sting of BudreauReye's criticism of my poetry.


    Kansas (the state) 14-4 /2
    ISU, OSU 6-3
    BU, OU 5-4
    WV 4-5
    UT, TT 2-7
    TCU 1-8

    OSU @ Texas

    If OSU rebounds, Texas loses. While OSU is near the bottom of the conference in offensive rebounding, the same can be said of ISU and KSU. Remember those games? Smart can make it nearly impossible for point guards to get to the basket and not commit a lot of turnovers (see, e.g., Pierre Jackson). Smart would allow Jackson to get perimeter shots off, but that isn't what Felix has been able to do at all this year. OSU doesn't shoot particularly well, but it shoots more ft than any team except KU, and it shoots the best % in conference. That is bad news for a team like Texas that fouls a lot. Perimeter defenders have to be particularly careful about Forte and Smart kicking out legs after trying a three to draw the stupid foul. (I really think the NCAA should examine that rule and put in a point of emphasis about not calling that a foul.)

    There are two games of high impact on conference standings

    ISU @ KSU

    I still think ISU has to be sick with itself. A horrible performance against Tech and two last minute meltdowns against KU and OSU are the difference between being tied for third and being all alone at 9-0. But that just goes to show what happens to teams on the road.

    In the earlier match, the best players tended to do their best things, and ISU won 73-67, despite 10/22 from the line. Because of the pace at which ISU plays, Henriquez only played 9 minutes, Gipson 9, and Diaz 0. I look for KSU to try to control the pace little better and get their rebounders in for more minutes. Gipson also had foul problems (3 in 9 minutes).

    Once again, this is an opponent for KSU that has players that have better athleticism, but KSU still finds a way to win a lot of these games.

    KU @ OU

    Well, they are vulnerable. TCU proved that in Fort Worth. I'm betting they are mad. I'm going to go watch Texas now.

  • Smart undressed Felix all day.

    KU went down again, this time 72-66, thanks to a clutch three by Hornbeak, a great game by Osby, and an appearance by seldom seen this year effective scoring version of Pledger.

    Baylor killed Tech 75-48. Austin had 13/13 and 4 blocks. Baylor held Tech under 30% shooting.

    WVU beat TCU 63-50. TCU is playing better than before, but it still isn't positioned to win a road game in this conference. Except maybe in Lubbock.

    KSU up early. ISU playing for a share of the lead. KSU started Henriquez who got two blocks early, but it has already gone back to Gipson. ISU with 5 turnovers early. 17-10 KSU.

  • Game of runs in Manhattan. First KSU went on a 11-2 tear to open the game. When it was 17-6, ISU went 19-2 to go up 25-19. KSU had 9 straight at one point to go back up 31-28. KSU up 33-32 at the half. Babb and Lucious are getting some good looks from deep. Niang and Clyburn are struggling. McGruder (4/5) hot for KSU, but ISU is trying to prevent him from getting the ball and forcing him to give it up.

  • Kansas losing and being lost leading up to next week sounds good to me! Anything to counter this disappointing year in terms of the Randle recruitment...

  • Everything going KSU's way late--no calls, little bump calls, weird bounces. KSU 71-60 with 3 minutes left. ISU deserves to lose for committing a ton of turnovers and not figuring out that Niang can't stop Gipson in the paint by himself.

  • Standings

    KSU 8-2
    KU, OSU 7-3
    ISU, OU, BU 6-4
    WVU 5-5
    TT, UT 2-8
    TCU 1-9

    WVU is a bit of a false hope scenario. It has 4 wins against Texas and TCU and a win in Lubbock. It has a very rough stretch in the next 8 games.