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Snap judgments - Bad loss

  • Well, don't throw two red zone interceptions and you probably double or treble that outcome.

    This offense has to walk a fine line against a quality defense. Our experience and talent levels do not yet provide us a large margin for error.

    I got brains. I got big ol' brains. I got dinosaur brains.

  • Bobby. So much truth to that. I just rewatched the first half. If Ash plays worth a poop, we easily have 13 points; possible 21. We moved the ball very well on every possession in the first half until Ash's "whiff" throw for the fumble. First drive; we run the ball very well with Gray over the right side to get us to the forty. Then Harsin dials up the deep slant to Davis. Davis had the defensive back beat to the middle of the field at the ten for what should have been an easy T.D.; but Ash doesn't lead him to the open field and under throws an interception giving way seven point. Next drive; again we take it down the field behind Gray running off the right and a couple of good passes until we are in the red-zone; but Ash barely misses an open Roberson in the flat for a first down at the one or a T.D. Arguably again points off the board. Then on the third drive; Ash starts to find Shipley underneath the TCU zone for three straight first downs and mixes in a broken play for a 14 yard run. Again in the red-zone. This time he completely misreads the TCU zone and throws into triple coverage to Davis on a slant; rather than to Goodwin who had broken off a flag pattern out of the slot and was open by 10 yards for a give me touchdown.

    Ash gave away 6-18 points in the first half and that's not counting the seven points that TCU scored off his whiffed pass fumble.