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Parallels Between 1998 Texas & 2012 A&M

  • Texas hires Mack after a miserable 1997 season which includes Route 66 in Austin. Ags hire Sumlin after a hugely disappointing 2011 season that included several 2nd half chokes and a ridiculous soul crushing loss to the inept Longhorns on the final play of the final rivalry game ever in College Station.

    Mack wasn't first choice for a helluva lot of Texas fans. Sumlin wasn't a thrilling choice to most Aggies.

    Mack immediately made his mark on the recruiting scene by signing a top 10 class. Sumlin held the Aggie class together and acquitted himself well with the 2012 class.

    Mack made a mark his first year by riding a fairly elite and previously well coached OL to a better season than just about anyone had predicted. Sumlin just rode an elite OL recruited and coached up by another staff to a much better season than anyone dared predict.

    Mack's first team also featured the eventual Heisman Trophy winner and most dynamic and celebrated player in the country. Odds are tremendous that Sumlin's first team has also featured the eventual Heisman winner and is generally considered the most dynamic player in the country.

    Mack's 1998 team went into Lincoln, Nebraska and shocked the Cornhuskers who were considered nearly unbeatable at the time, especially in Lincoln. Sumlin took his first team into Tuscaloosa and shockingly defeated the previously undefeated Alabama Tide who were considered nearly invincible in their home stadium.

    Mack's 2nd recruiting class in 1999 was generally considered the top rated group in the country at the time with both the defensive POY and offensive POY. Sumlin's 2013 class is more and more shaping up to be the best class by far the Ags have put together in probably 16 years or so.

    Mack's first class was invited to play in the Cotton Bowl, a very nice end of the year reward for an exciting and rapidly improving team. Sumlin's Aggies just got their invitation to play in the Cotton Bowl, a very nice reward for their exciting and obviously improving team.

    Mack's first team won that Cotton Bowl game and used the momentum of that win and all the other things that went well for them to turn the Texas team into the place to be for high school blue chippers the state of Texas. Sumlin's first team needs to get their asses destroyed by the Oklahoma Fu#king Sooners so all of these parallels can fuck#ing end!!!!

  • I can see this. One big difference is that the '98 Aggies won the conference, and we have Mack.

    Disciplina praesidium civitatis

  • Yep, things are actually worse for us now than for the Ags in '98. Of course, by 2000 we were chanting "Keep RC" just like our opponents are now chanting "Keep Mack."

    I honestly didn't think this could happen even though everyone said it could. Mack has become an albatross on this program and his insistence on staying can be viewed as nothing but pure selfishness.