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Ole Miss line opened at 13, now 10 1/2

  • The 2006 line was legit, but the 2007 unit is the worst line we've ever had under Mack. JC maintained good YPC numbers because anytime he got to the second level he scored. JC might be the most explosive RB I've ever seen in person.

  • Everyone here on this thread is talking Offense... But I want to see the D step up and hit Ol' Miss in the Mouth Early... and freaking Often! Containing the edge/pressure from the edge ala... Jeffcoat & Oak, stuffing the middle AND some good clean, form tackling for starters... 2 pics, 2 forced-fumbles, 3+ sacks... <100 yds. rushing and <200 yds passing allowed.

    With 2 games under it's belt, this D needs to play with some intensity from start to finish and make a statement game going to conference play with Ok. State/WVU/BlowU in 2 weeks... and it needs to start here. You sell tickets with Offense... you win Championships with Defense!

    And meant to add, if the D plays to it's expectations, then you can bet the house, the farm & the ranch!

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  • ChampKind

    I don't recall any of the 2007 o-linemen crying after Ndumokong Suh made them their bitch (circa 2009). But your point is well taken, 2007 was not a good year. But then again...neither was 2011. And this really wasn't about J.C. (who, by the way, may be on his way to NFL history if he can stay healthy long enough). It was really about Brown and Bergeron and their suitability to power the Texas offense, the abilities of Messrs. Gray and Johnson notwithstanding.

  • Ole Miss strikes no fear in me. I see them about like playing at Iowa State. They have a few decent players and if you play poorly, turn the ball over and come out unmotivated it is possible for them to upset you on the road, but anything more and it is a comfortable 'W".

    This Texas team is not going to underestimate them nor come out unmotivated. We are a team of highly talented, young players, who have worked too hard and are determined to rise up and prove that Texas is back. This is their first freakin game on national TV (thanks to the LHN), at night, in front of some serious, hot southern girls and they will be chomping at the bit to put end all these "SEC" questions. I look for a good win on the road going into conference play.

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  • I get your point, but I guess my overall point is that no one should have expected an offensive juggernaut from this Texas team through two games of the season. They're not explosive, far from it at the moment. But there are some solid building blocks - things that this team does well enough to win.

    Guys like Brown and Bergeron aren't going to rip off a lot of 20+ - yard carries this season, but I think they can move the football enough to keep the Texas offense and a young quarterback ahead of the chains more often than not. Early in his career, coming off of a ton of work in at the prep level, I think it's okay if Gray is a guy you see on the 7th or 8th play in a drive or late in games when his speed becomes exponentially more advantageous against a worn down defense.

    I don't think this team, coming off of 5-7 and 8-5, is ready to be explosive on every play. But if the coaches scheme well enough to pick their spots, I think this team can compete with most teams in the country and pretty much everyone in the Big 12.