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Obama: Change coming to reduce violence in football

  • .... heck yeah on "guys in the middle"

    I just didn't even notice they were there til you mentioned em now

    and again, how's that for "positive?"

  • ^^^^^ Humm, very interesting thought ...

    And that makes me wonder. Has anyone ever seen him play basketball that he makes out to be so good at? If he plays that like he throws a baseball, well, then he'd be what my son used to call a "poser" I believe very possibly in basketball??? Is that right younger guys?

  • Certainly the worst response comment on a topic on this board ever.

    The miracle of football in America is that there are so few serious injuries in the game given the millions of hits that occur each season. There are risks with every human endeavor that must be measured against the benefits to the individuals and the society as a whole. A rational mind would conclude the the huge societal and cultural benefits of football far outweigh the very few serious injuries that occur. Would kids in poor schools be better off if politicians shut down football as a positive outlet for their development? Do we really want a society where our young men cower at the possibility of getting hurt playing football and then grow up to find themselves on the front lines fighting against the terrorists of their generations?

    Obama's response to football is all about molding America into his own pathetic image. He wants America to be like him. A nation of effeminate, socialist, pacifist, government dependent underachievers who are incapable of leading or creating economic value or high achievement in anything. Barack Obama is the poster child for mediocrity in all endeavors and all that is wrong with America today. He is nothing more than a crudely charismatic demigod whose only skill sets are self-serving mendacity and demagoguery. His legacy will be economic, fiscal and financial ruin for the very people who were dumb enough to elect him in the first place.

    Give him credit though. He is the master at exploiting ignorance and the worst instincts of humanity. He's also the only president in history who made things worse for his core constituencies and offered them no real hope for the future and still convinced them to vote for him a second time. The problem is that all you witless Obama voters are dragging all of us down with you through him.

    Yes, everything will be a lot different in 10-20 years because of Barack Obama and America will be an empty bankrupt shell of the great nation our founders created if he succeeds in implementing his agenda. Football participation will be the least of our issues and our collective brain damage will not allow our kids to play and succeed at anything.

  • I'm sure you were just as angry when George W. Bush gave tax cuts to the rich which blow a huge hole in the deficit, bailed out wall st., started 2 illegal wars without paying for them and sent thousands of young boys to die in a foreign desert to enrich weapons contractors and oil companies.

    With respect to your ignorance of how power systems work, presidents don't run this country, corporations do. Elections are when big business gets together every four years to decide policy. The worst part of your baseless assumption is that by pointing out the hypocrisy mentioned above, you assume that I'm as equal a sycophant for the other side. You have no idea of my political affiliations because I don't consider this the place to reveal them.

  • You are spot on.