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Mods: What's yall's take on the current conferences?

  • Agreed.

    Not sure the Big 12 is perceived to be a very good conference by the media and sports pundits out there either.

    Living in the PNW they never talk Big 12 football (except when OU destroyed UT once again) yet have a weekly hour long segment devoted to the SEC. Talk Pac 12 (duh) and Big 10 on a regular basis during the season.

  • Louisville ship has sailed (signed the ACC GOR ) and frankly think they prefer to be in the ACC but wasn't sure they would ever be invited.

    As an FYI B1G and ACC are both going to 9 game conference schedules so no issues from me moving forward on their SOS with a 9 game + CCG.

  • If we show up this year and win the conference and a major BCS Bowl. Then we will have all sorts of momentum on the trail and will have a top 5 class. I expect that we will have a pretty large class this year, and that alone will help us stay at the top of the national rankings. A big year and winning 11 plus games could easily land us guys like:

    CB Tony Brown - 5*
    DE Solomon Thomas - 5*
    WR KD Cannon - 4*
    S Jamal Adams - 5*
    WR Armanti Foreman - 4*
    CB Arrion Springs - 4*
    CB Nick Watkins - 4*
    ILB Zach Whitley - 4*
    WR Trey Quinn - 4*
    OLB Edwin Freeman - 4*
    S John Bonney - 4*

    All of which we are in decent position to land anyway. If we are in the top 10 by the end of the year and players like Diggs, Byndom, Hicks, Jeffcoat, and Davis have NFL draft propelling seasons we could easily land them all. The fact is. You (nor I) have a friggin clue at this point.

    Finally, Florida did not win the SEC east. Georgia did, and Georgia beat Florida as well.

    I am not arguing that Florida and A&M had better seasons than UT last year. Again, 11 is better than 9... however, you fail to explain away the fact that UT returns 19 of 22 starters returning and the majority of their depth. No other team can say that. Not A&M, and not Florida. Basing this season on last season is "shortsighted." To use your word.

    I look at every team across the nation and see a ton of ? marks. If we have a "ton of ? marks" with 19 returning starters and two potential 1st rounders that were injured next year. What is your definition of a team that lost their 1,100 yard rusher, 2 of their top 4 receivers, and a 1st round DT and S?

    And, sure... you have questions about UT as other fans have questions about their teams. What if the answer is "yes" to all of those questions? Then where will recruiting be? Think about it. Ash is the best returning QB in the conference. Gray, Bergeron, Johnson were healthy all year. I think you are talking about Malcolm Brown. With Major's offense our RB's will have a better opportunity to be playmakers... Davis was a 1K yard receiver, and Shipley has proven that he can get it done as well. Another year isn't going to hurt them. Our OL was significantly better last year than they were they prior 3 years, and we add a monster in Harrison and return every other player as well as depth. Sure, we lose Okafor and Vaccaro, but we will add Jeffcoat and Hicks. If healthy, that is a significant upgrade. All other defenders will be a year older, year stronger and a year wiser. FG? Will Fera be healthy? Yet to be determined.

    I think this is a 1 or 2 loss Texas team. WTF cares? We'll see what they actually are.

    One day there is going to be someone that takes a look at the SEC and see's how easy it was for a bad A&M team to compete at the highest level in the SEC, and the fact that half the conference has 11 wins and determine that maybe this conference isn't so great. We'll see. A&M being good is hurting OU more than it is UT IMO.

    The #1 QB in the state is going to UT. If UT wins... Mack will settle at UT. Regardless of the salary that an SEC school can offer him.

    How old were they when A&M won anything significant?

    Why is Urban Meyer recruiting so well? Is it because the Big 10 is providing compettition against the "best of the best?" Can the Big 10 offer what the SEC does? No. Period. UT winning, and sending players into the NFL is more important than collecting a salary in the $EC.

  • You make some Good points Chupita. Great dialog. Maybe the annual beatings from OU have clouded my judgment and appetite for this year's team and my faith in Mack has been seriously depleted. I don't think Ash is really the kind of QB we need to make a BCS Bowl and win a conference championship but hey, that's why we play the games right?

    I still stand by my premise however that our recruiting efforts are going to be a LOT harder to land the elite players and we will lose more toe to toe battles with tamu because of their affiliation with the SEC. Why? Because the elite players care about 2 main things:

    1. Where can I be challenged to play against "the best"
    2. Can you get me to the league?

    The SEC is significantly better than any conference in the land in both regards. Tamu has all the resources necessary to be a top 5 program every year. Great facilities, a lot of money, hardcore fan base, ideal location and proximity to talent, and now they play in the premier conference in the land.

    Not trying to be chicken little, but, Texas needs to start actually receiving signatures for recruits from CA, Louisiana and Florida to make up for that. We have done it before. Especially with Ricky Williams and Bryant Westbrook. I think Texas A&M has a better story to tell to the ELITE guys. And you need those to actually win championships. You can get there with a big name and smoke and mirrors like Notre Dame did last year but that game wasn't even competitive. Bama outclassed them from start to finish.

    Our margin of error has been reduced dramatically and an average season for UT could really have significant consequences on the recruiting trail.

    It's easy to say this year might be one of the biggest not for Mack, but for UT football in general.

  • I didn't think that Colt McCoy was the type of QB that we would make 2 BCS Bowls, a NC, and win a conference with either. A shorter QB with a weak arm, but he damn sure did.

    Go and take a look at David Ash's season compared to Jeff Driskel's at Florida and tell me which one you would expect to be playing in a BCS bowl in 2012. Ash has had to deal with a wishy-washy coordinator that wouldn't come out and give him his entire support for two years now. It took Major Applewhite coming in to finally say "Ash is our QB." He played with confidence, and with a chip on his shoulder in his last game. Ash is plenty talented enough to win the NCG, and easily able to lead us to a BCS Bowl and conference championship.

    Elite players care about "elite programs" and winning. Texas is an elite program... A&M is not! Period. Point blank.

    Urban Meyer is bringing in top flight classes despite playing in a conference that is the 4th or 5th best in the nation, at best. Mack knows what it's like to win a NCG and has put as many NFL'ers in the league as anyone. He knows what it takes to win it all, and get to the NFL and that's what recruits care about. That, and of course, being on a winning team.

    And, if you consider College Station an "ideal location" I really don't know what to say.

    If Texas wins, they will continue to recruit with the best. It's that simple really.

  • You start this thread and then you make idiotic posts like this one. There is an enormous amount of money associated with making the playoffs. Mack Brown isn't afraid of losing a game and missing the playoffs, the conference is. There is a rapidly increasing pool of money that is unrelated to television contracts. It relates solely to playoff and bowl games. The Big 12 splits this ten ways. The Big 10 and SEC split it 14 ways.

  • You're saying that was a bad A&M team in their first year in the SEC? Really? Does anyone believe an 11 win team in the SEC is a bad team? If so, what does that say about the teams in the Big 12? OU ran UT off the field. That wasn't competitive. OU had 5 weeks to prepare to play a bad A&M team and what happened?

    Again, if A&M is a bad team then how in the world does Texas expect to be a 1-2 loss team without any game breaking difference makers? Your argument makes no sense at all.

  • IfTexas wins they are still going to have trouble recruiting bc of the SEC. Period. That's not going to change. You say A&M isnt an elite school but they are one season and a supposed easy schedule away from winning or at least competing for the national championship. Like everyone has said before, all they have to do is beat Bama. Then what do you have if they make a BCS bowl?

    What will help UT recruiting besides winning is going independent and playing nationally relevant games like ND does. Until that happens, they will compete with everyone else for recruits but not dominate.

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  • Actually, I was referring to A&M as a traditional bad team. They were a doormat in the Big 12, and have no tradition as an "elite" program in any way. 11 wins in the SEC is the standard now days. Half the teams in the conference have 11 wins. If so many can do it, then I question how difficult it really is.

  • So funny. Some of you have been so pumped up with the SEC, it is coming out of your ears. Urban was an elite recruiter at Florida, he went to OSU he is still elite. USC can always recruit at an elite level and they are on probation. Mora is making great strides at UCLA. Florida STate has won more than their fare share of recruiting wars with SEC schools. Recruiting is not a collective bargaining process. Stupid phrases like go and play the the best make me laugh. The number one pick played at Central Michigan. He beat Joeckle out. MAC-1 SEC-0. If you have talent the NFL will find you, they don't care if you played Bama, LSU, or Toledo. Texas can thrive, but they need to win. They need to make recruits believe that the head coach has a life span longer than 2 yrs. most of Texas's issues are self-inflicted. A&M has made progress. They would have cut into recruiting no matter what the situation in Austin was, but given the fact that Nero, I mean DeLoss, is playing his lyre as Rome burns. The opportunity for A&M has become bigger. The SEC and A&M is an excuse. It is a way to divert the attention away from the dumpster fire that Belmont has become.

  • A&M was 5th place in their conference and played in an insignificant bowl against a team that didn't match up well with them due to non-existent LB's. A&M is not an elite team, and have no tradition of being one. They may or may not compete for the NCG in 2013. The same thing can be said for Texas. All Texas has to do is beat an elite OU? That's dumb...

    A&M needs to beat everyone on their schedule to make the NCG, and win the SEC Championship game. La-Tech, and Ole Miss gave your "elite" Aggy's everything they could handle last year. You have to play the games and win them.

    UT plays OU every year and they are considered an "elite" program. Two of the winningest programs in the nation, and ND is another one. UT is about to begin a 4 year series against ND as well.

    If UT can win their conference and get about 10 or 11 wins, they will recruit with the best of them, and get the players that they want. We will win recruiting battles and lose recruiting battles, but we will be at the top of recruiting rankings every year.

  • Do you actually believe half of what you write?

  • Can I receive text alerts when chupita posts?

  • Dam fellow you always so negative

  • Shocker! An Aggie disagrees with UT fans.

    I honestly don't mind when Aggie or Sooner fans come over here, but I have to question why you ONLY post here. If everything Aggie is so great why don't you post over there?

  • A thread asking for mods input on conference alignment

    1 mod chimed in and it has now turned into a thread about recruiting and arguing with the board retard

    sigh ...

  • JeezGuy