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Mack Brown

  • David Shaw coaches in a horrible conference, and is still living off of Harbaugh's recruiting. Give the guy some time before you appoint him as the greatest coach in America. He did lose to a very bad Washington team this year and has 1 less loss than Mack.

    Larry Fedora? Really? So he has coached in Conference USA, and in the worst ACC conference in years and still has a 42-23 record. You betcha!!

    Patterson hasn't done jack in a big boys conference yet (beating Mack was his one claim to fame in the Big 12)... last time I checked, TCU is 7-4 this year. This ain't the Mountain West.

    Not to mention he has a team full of felons and thugs. Yea, sign me up for that! He can't control his criminals at a tiny school like TCU, then just imagine how lost he would be at UT. That guy is gonna get out of TCU while the gettin is good, because he is staring down the barrel of a lot of 6-6 seasons at TCU.

    Great options!

  • Your direct quote from above...

    "I would challenge you to name 1 other program in a BCS conference that has demonstrated a tradition of winning football games better than Mack since he started at UT. Just one other school that can hang with his record since 98... Just one."

    I provided you with "one...just one" as requested, and now you're trying to change the subject...& I understand you're gonna go out of your way to find links that can justify your support of Mack Brown, as you did with the link with winning %'s...but you continue to fail at providing is the Big 12 Conf titles in favor of Stoops over Mack...& accomplishing the conf titles while making $700k'ish less than Mack...& having 4 38+ point blowouts over Mack

    Make no mistake, you are being owned in this thread worse than $5, to your question of do I "wanna hire Bob Stoops?" Let's look at the details...

    Career Home Record @ OU = 79-4 in 14 seasons (Mack has 9 home losses in the last 3 years)
    Big 12 Conf Title Games @ OU = 7-1 in 14 seasons
    Career Record vs Texas = 9-5 in 14 seasons

    Yes, I would hire Bob Stoops @ Texas tomorrow & give him $5.3M per year...that's a $1M salary increase over his current deal

    Now let's wait & see the additional ways you're gonna try & change the subject in this thread...yet, again

  • Unlike you - I don't think conference championships are the end all be all. I think Saban only has 2 or 3 in his entire coaching career. It hardly matters.

    True that Mack hasn't handled OU as well as somme coaches have (6-9 I believe)... but he owned Aggy during his career, and he has other areas where he has outdone, or equalled your hero Boob Stoopid. Same amount of BCS NC's, same amount of BCS Bowl victories, the most valuable football program in college, etc.

    And you keep bringing up the salary difference between Mack and Stoopid, yet fail to understand that under Macks leadership the UT football team is a much bigger brand then what it was prior to him coming on board. You want to look at another accomplishment? Well, Mack has guided UT to the most Forbes most valuable college football program. He has earned his $5+ million considering how the $$$ are stacking up for the program.

  • I know it's a difficult concept for you not to live in the land of absolutes but I don't think Shaw is the greatest coach in America. I think he's doing a fantastic job at a school that's tough to recruit good players to unless they're pretty smart kids. His horrible conference has 4 teams in the top 25, all of whom he's beaten. The Big 12 also has 4 teams in the top 25. Fedora went 12-2 in his last season at a mid major. Again doing a pretty good job with less. Each place he's gone has seen their offense improve dramatically each year he's been there. Patterson took a much younger team to Austin and got a win. He converted a WR to QB and had success. He's historically had dominant defenses each year. You can knock him for his team full of felons but there was a time in the not to distant past that Texas had a couple of arrests every offseason under your greatest Texas coach ever.

    I'm ready to see what one of these guys could do at Texas. I know what I have in Mack and that's 3 years of mediocrity. We're going to have to reset again on defense after Mack's hand pick at DC flamed out. Why does he get a pass on that? Because he's won in the past? What about the recent past. And what are you going to say if Texas loses to KSU and their bowl opponent? Still on board for another year for Mack?

  • Saban demoted major and he left

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  • Shaw hasn't done it enough, and is still doing it with Harbaugh's team. I agree that he is a good coach, but I see as much "potential" in Major Applewhite. By the way - so did Nick Saban. That's why he hired him to run his offense at a very young age.

    Fedora? Again, nothing against the guy, but the ACC is a horrible conference this year and he is a 8-4 overall. I think Major is a better fit at Texas with his understanding of what it takes to run the UT program. Comparing a coaching gig at Stanford and North Carolina to what Mack has made Texas is like comparing apples to oranges. Mack helped build it, that's why he is compensated the way he is.

    Again, sure, UT has had some issues with a few players getting into trouble. But, my point is, UT is very big and there hasn't been anything as widespread as what occured in tiny Fort Worth this year. Patterson is already looking to hit the road to a major program. He knows that he is not in the mid-major land anymore and is looking down the barrel of mediocrity. He won his coaching national championship last week in Austin. He'll be coaching elsewhere by the fall, due to the fact that there is no way in hell that he can sustaine what he built in the Big 12.

    I am by no means unconditionally committed to Mack at UT... but, he set out to rebuild this team just last year and has shown improvement. If they lose to KState and their bowl game and have a QB controversy going into 2013, then I may be on the side of suggesting that he retire. I would definitely wait to make a firm supportive stance towards Mack. I would wait til the season is completely done.

  • Chip, chipita, chip, chip, chipita!!!!


  • think John Cooper

    Disciplina praesidium civitatis

  • Do your homework chupita. Applewhite had a title, but nothing else. As the OC under Saban, he didn't call plays, and there was not another OC on staff. Why do you suppose Saban didn't trust his only OC to call plays??

    Disciplina praesidium civitatis

  • LOL! He was the offensive coordinator of a program like Bama (under Saban)... he was a great recruiter and did an admirable job as their OC. I laugh at people that claim that Major did "nothing" at Bama, and that claim that the 2005 NC was only because of VY.

    Not to mention him helping to lead Rice to a bowl game as their OC (first time in 40 years)... the kid was only 29 at Bama.