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Kendal Harris

  • I'll check with Harris today to see if he's setup anything yet.

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  • Canadianhorn

    Yup. It's pretty clear the guys on campus are not getting it done. We need some talent in the backcourt that could eventually if not immediately end up being a great tandem. Holland, Felix are strictly bench players. While people are saying Harris is behind where Lewis was in highschool, Lewis hasn't developed at all in the 2 years he's been here. He's an undersized two that can't really shoot or score in any efficient way and while he competes on defense he's certainly no Avery Bradley. Harris has way more potential imo than Lewis. McClellan is erratic, some days he looks like he could be a really good player, most days he's very inefficient and gives bad effort on defense. Bond is barely a DI player, certainly not a high major program guy; he's truly awful. He can't defend without fouling and has no offensive game.

    If Barnes is as good as developing players as some people on here think then bring all three in and let them compete for jobs. If Croaker and Harris come in and win the job in the summer/fall then start them, sit Sheldon, Julien, Holland and Felix or force a couple of them to transfer. Quite frankly I don't care what happens to them because they're just not producing.

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  • I still like Harris though because fundamentally, he is (IMO) much more sound than Lewis. Sure he's not as dynamic as a scorer/shooter, but I think he'll have an easier time transitioning into college.

    Harris had a sub-par game in the state semi's, but you can't always judge a player based on one game. The Harrison twins are better players, and would give lots of guys trouble. That's why the Harrison's are 1-2 year players (probably), and Harris is a 4 year college player. I like his potential because he's a jack of all trades, and he's a better offensive player/shooter than Demarcus Holland.

  • I know the Harrisons are better and many struggle with them but it was more the reason why he struggled with them. He wasn't assertive at all & when he decided to be aggressive he was very successful. He really just played the game like he was scared & had already conceded defeat before tip-off. One of the many issues Barnes has had with McClellan but you won't have any of the effort issues with Harris imo.