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  • So ground and pound is a joke?? Lol get outta here with that. I don't hate Silva at all, the guy is the best fighter of all time. That's what makes Sonnens performance against him so impressive. I understand he lost the fights, what I'm saying is, he unanimously beat Silva for 5 of 7 rounds, who else can say that? There's absolutely no shame in losing to Silva so not sure how losing to Silva makes him "a joke".

    Also, please quit talking about Jones and Silva in the same sentence. Jones is a good young fighter but his biggest win is Rashad Evans, that's not saying much at all. Silva is the greatest fighter of all time, Jones backed into a title shot and won, his resume, while good, is very short.

  • Sonnen is a joke because he was in gaurd or mount 5 of 7 rounds against Silva and couldnt finish him. In the end, he lost, so giving him credit for winning those rounds is like dominating a football game and still losing.

    Jones was wise to turn down this fight. Any fighter would have been wise to turn it down unless they were desperate, and that clearly what Sonnen is.

    There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man with nothing to lose.

  • I see your point, and I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this, and that's cool. I don't believe that by losing just one match it could cost him millions in endorsements in the future. If he lost a few in a row, maybe, but as you said before he's very marketable and I think he'll come out on top regardless.

    Brock's "legend" was already large enough before he ever stepped into the Octagon. His defeat of Couture amplified it immensely, as well as his TKO of Mir in UFC 100. His battle with diverticulitis twice over a span of 18 months is what did him in. Brock wasn't cut or fired from the UFC. He retired due to his health, and diverticulitis is a very difficult thing to get over as a fighter. Until he retired, Lesnar still had ALL of his endorsements intact, and is still a rich sombitch.

    As for the chance of losing future endorsements by a losing streak, that is a risk every fighter takes when stepping into the ring. Fighting or not fighting Sonnen would do absolutely nothing to change that. I agree that this is a business, and that Jones' choice to not fight was a poor business decision for the reasons I have outlined in previous posts. Not saying I dislike the guy or anything of that matter, I just don't like his decision. Personal choice. twocents

  • I REALLY REALLY hate to agree with a Sooner but he's right on this. /ducks

    Calling someone a joke because he controlled the guard of the best fighter for int he world for 5 out of 7 rounds? I understand that the ground game isn't the most entertaining to the average UFC fan, but to control one's guard into mount is the most offensive position you can have in MMA. You didn't see Sonnen go for submissions, because thats not what he's supposed to do to a black belt BJJ artist in Silva. Ground and pound, control the fight and outlast the champion is the BEST way to take down the Spider.

    You may not like Sonnen, and he may be quite the brash type of talker, but you cannot deny his ability. He is a damn good wrestler.

    Let the downvotes commence shrug

  • This.