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Inquiry regarding Ioannis Papapetrou.

  • Yes, they are. And some others have no sense of humor. ;)

  • I have a wonderful sense of humor; but emoticons are a substitute for actual thought. Your nom de plume reminds me of something from my childhood.

    " A tourist has gotten lost in Baton Rogue looking to find the convention center. He came across young Budreau and asked him for directions. The tourist asks, 'do I need to turn around to get to the center. Budreau replies; I don't know. Flustered, the tourist asks; what if I turn right. Again Bureau replies; shit, I don't know. How about if I turn left. Budreau simply responds calmly; I have no fucking clue. Completely flustered, the tourist says " are you are stupid idiot". Again calmly, Budreau replies; I'm not lost jack-ass.

  • ................someone once said emotions are a substitute for actual thought. Having read some of the posts of the said person making posting that comment it is far better for, said person, to use emotions because "thought" is not something, said person, is very good at.................they ought to use might improve their "thoughts"!blah

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    "Leadership is wisdom, courage and great carelessness of self"

  • +1 After midnight when I get some more votes. I mean it! Not that it matters. That's actually a pretty good story. Did you actually read what you wrote? I am pleased with how Budreau fared in your story. Emoticons are just communication devices, kind of like words. And for my money, just like the use of the word "Dude!", pretty poor communication devices. I use them a lot because I think that they are just a tad absurd, and that absurdity sometimes can add a little levity to a sports forum. Over time on this board, I have appreciated some of what you have had to say on Hookem with regards to sports. Just as I have come to not appreciate ... No! I will not go there! ... I appreciated your previous comment about your fore bearing a down vote, not that it matters, because of my previous comment citing your disapproval of emoticons. I find it all quite humorous, how so much could be made about little stupid smiley faces. Maybe you just do not like the way I post. That's OK. Have you ever heard of the Ignore User button? If you don't mind, I think that this thread is about Papi. Could we get back to that?

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  • DAYUM! austinr! There you go usin' them emoticons agin! Don't you know that they lower the cumulative IQ of this here sports forum by a bajillion! ;)

    Postsctipt: Notice how I used the old fashioned emoticon here. It uses less bandwidth, therefore we could say that it is a Green Emoticon. Since it is old fashioned, we could say that it is a Retro Emoticon ... Trendy! It would fit in well out on the town, down on South Congress ...

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  • It's Justin Wilson dude. An album my father had back in 1960 , minus the expletives. And I meant to present Budreau in a good light. But , emoticons are a substitute for actual intelligent thought. I wasnt' the one who introduced the entire subject on the sport board. My comment was on the other board. We probably don't agree on a lot of subjects, but I think you are a decent chap. AustinR; well he's a small brain who hates me from a different board; but he's a different story. I'm not going to hit the ignore button for you. I have no reason. I may rag on you a little, but deal with it.

    Papi. We are on the same page. He isn't a point forward. Doesn't have the quickness or ball skills . That is stupid. He is a tweener as freshman. When I look at him, he's probably 6'7" max. Not big enough to be an elite power forward, but doesn't have the athleticism to be an elite small forward. But that doesn't mean he isn't going to be a very good college player if he stays for four years [ a major question since he is European]. He has excellent court vision as a passer; and almost certainly will develop a very good outside set shot within a year. With Ibeh playing behind him; he will be an adequate defender at the three; where I think he ultimately needs to play.

  • DUDE! I know me some Justin Wilson! Ignoramus me or don't! I PREfer you don't! We do NOT agree on much in the poliTICal way of scheming out da wurld! Dat's OK! On Papi, we agree, but when I conger a little, we don' agree a little. Papi ain't no point forward, if he were, he would be a point guard, which he ain't. He does not have the quickness so them bigguns backin' him up is a good thang, but he do have the ball skills, for a forward. Excellent court vision for passing is a part of his ball skills as far as I am concerned. Long and short of it he is going to be very interesting to have around for a few years. And, the fact that you and I could escalate and de-escalate this emoticon farce means that we have kept this basketball thread going for another day. Goodness only knows, though, what might transpire if there is a real Cajun on this board. I might be in a heap o'trouble! biggrin (Obligatory and desultory use of emoticon)

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