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Herbie wonders if Mack is tired of being made fun of

  • Not sold on the Horns...

    TV analyst wonders if UT is ‘tired of being m

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  • I like seeing the high profile media members calling Mack out.

  • JeezGuy

    He is saying what many are thinking.

  • IT might carry more weight if it had come from anyone else but the Chronicle. They haven't had anything good to say about Texas since Vince and it's been vitriol since aggy left.

  • Me too. As coach said,"Only angry people win football games."

  • just another way of saying what everyone else already knows- that Mack cares way to much about his perception and what people think/say about him.

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  • 9 and 4 at Texas sucks! - Jeff Howe

  • IT will be interesting to see what happens this year with Texas. It looks like they are getting a break with Oklahoma being down and TCU. The QB play looks good this year but I am still concerned about the Defense. I would say 9 to 10 wins this year.

  • While this may all be true...I've always felt that Herbie has never liked the Horns...this seems like his enjoyable jab to the gut of Mack and the program (even though it is deserved). I don't know if it was the loss in the horseshoe in 2005 that got him upset, but I've always felt he has had something against our program...

  • Well, considering the article was written by a San-Antonio Express-News writer, citing a Dallas Morning-News interview of an ESPN analyst, I think we're OK. Also, you Chronicle comment is nonsense in any event.

  • There was a very similar article I'm the DMN today, and it was an interview on ESPN Radio in Dallas FWIW

  • I think this is exactly right regarding Herbstreit. Mack has only himself to blame for the fact it's hard to deny Buckeye Kurt's point...but Herbie does not like UT and that a fact.

  • Sometimes I feel for Mack. He's a quality human being who does things the right way and is one of the truly good guys in the profession that has very very few, yet gets shit on by quite literally everyone.

    Then I realize he makes $5 mill a year for basically just clapping and kissing babies and all around being terrible at what he does and that sympothy goes away.

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  • Always have liked Herbie, but how can he call himself an analyst saying that Texas has looked good on paper but has really been a major disappoint the last two seasons?


    2012--he kind of has a point with regards to the defense, but the Longhorns lost two Junior starters who were both being strongly considered for Big 12 Defensive player of the year and also All American honors. Don't get me wrong, after losing Jeffcoat and Hicks the defense should have performed MUCH BETTER; but losing two upperclassmen stars like that has to be taken into consideration along with the fact that the offense was not expected to perform very well last season in the first place. Was 9-4 a slight disappointment? Absolutely especially getting blown out and the team giving up the 2nd weekend of October; but it really wasn't the end of the world especially beating a pretty good team in the bowl game. Everyone pretty much predicted that the Longhorns would win 10 to 11 games last season and they fell one game short of that losing some key starters who will be pretty high NFL draft picks.

    2011---now this is where I laugh at Herbie's title of Analyst. Hey Kurt looking at that team that started two kids at QB with no experience behind a subpar OL with very little to no running game that won 8 games and that beat an ok California team in the bowl game was a major disappointment? Injuries in key areas really hurt that offense that season. If Fozzy and some other guys don't go down; that team could have won 10 games.

    Look injuries are a part of the game and shouldn't always be excuses, but sometimes the reality is that what separates teams from very good years to average years are luck when it comes to injuries. These so called analysts need to do a lot better job at looking at teams before opening their mouths. Really think people like Herbie take quick glances at recruiting rankings when talking about teams under performing without looking at the team's talent level and experience in key areas.

    The Offensive line talent at the University of Texas during the 2010 and 2011 seasons was FCS level and these so called analysts that pull seven figures a year should realize that. The 2012 OL was at a FBS below average level. If Searels can just get the 2013 group to perform at an FBS above average level then this offense is going to average over 500 yards and over 40 points a contest barring injuries to some key individuals.

    Anything less than that and Searles may need to be let go and Mack's job will be in serious jeapardy because we can only hope the defense will be average to slightly above average after being so horrible last season and will not be carrying this team. Texas will have to outscore most of their opponents in 2013 and hope the defense can get some key stops and turnovers down the stretch of their toughest games.

  • Cough.

    (What Willow01 said then:

    We have too much talent and a weak schedule to do worse than 3 losses in the regular season. The one glaring weakness will be in the secondary, we will give up some points there but I think with Diaz we play much better against the run. Special teams will be much improved.

    Offensively it will be daylight and dark from the past because we will be able to run the football consistently for the first time since 2005. Will our OL be that much better? No, but defenses will be on their heels for the first time since VY was in the backfield and it will create some space for our backs. Is Gilbert going to become a College QB and be our QB? Only time will tell, but if he wins the job he will be 200% better with the better play calling and coaching at the WR position. Offensively the Horns have some SERIOUS speed and playmakers with Goodwin, Monroe, Davis and Shipley----more speed than Harsin has ever worked with and he will find ways to get the ball to these jackrabbits.

    Expect some really entertaining football in 2011.)

    Sorry, Texas did not have an inordinate amount of injuries to allow you to claim 2011 was not disappointing when you predicted preseason that there were no more than 3 losses on the schedule.

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  • There seems to be a schizm in the Longhorn Nation between "Hawks" who feel Texas should demand for its football programs to regularly be in the Top 5, and "Doves" who feel that too much emphasis on winning championships isn't healthy.

  • You obviously don't know football and ignored much of my post regarding the OL in 2011. The three loss pre season prediction was much on the back of returning a Junior QB really with only one season under his belt that was about to operate behind an FCS level OL.

    Well that prediction was far off and didn't work out and Texas ended up starting two kids at QB that year with no experience against conference competition that was not only experienced; but VERY GOOD with Oklahoma St and Baylor teams that were offensive juggernauts.

    If you can't figure out that 8-5 really wasn't that huge of a disappointment that year then I don't know what to tell you.

    Predictions that ignore talent upfront and focus on skill positions are just ignorant if you have a clue about football.

  • No there are too many uneducated fans within the Longhorn Nation that ignore the talent level upfront on the Offensive line and don't realize that it takes years to build not only talent upfront, but cohesiveness.

    Expectations are one thing; but realistic expectations are another.

    The most interesting thing this season besides the OL play will be watching the defense because it will tell us whether Manny is a true defensive mind or just a slick tounge salesman. Pre-snap calls in lining up by your LB Unit just maybe more important that most of us realize in today's football because of complex spread offenses and the loss of experience and talent last season at that position may have caused just as many problems on that side of the football as having a lack of talent and experience upfront on the other side of the football.

    We are about to find out in 3 1/2 months...

  • I will agree with you that the 2011 team with a couple of breaks and less injuries could have won 10 games. That is one reason that 2012 season was so disappointing for me. A one game improvement and Texas still got humiliated by OU. I expect that Texas will go 10-3 this season and lose to OU and Mack will be able to say we are improving especially if Texas only loses to OU by 14 points.

    Texas on paper should win the conference this year but I will need to see to believe it. I will also agree with you that the key to the season is the OL and Manny fixing the defense.

  • Everyone has a right to their opinion but I never see a positive article about UT in the Chronicle. Aggy can do no wrong in their eyes.

    So, in any event, it's just my opinion which carries the exact same value as yours...absolutely nothing.

  • And you don't have a clue about language.

    Disappoint: to fail to meet the expectation or hope of.

    Herbstreit is only guilty of a laughably false statement if he now says 2011 was a disappointing season but said in 2011 that he anticipated 5 losses or so.

  • I hear you willow, but I don't buy it. texas has been a disappointment. You have more talent than everyone else in the conference, injuries or not and your team has not performed up to that talent level. Is it talent not being developed or is the talent overrated in the first place? I don't know. By comparison, OU lost two OL starters before the third practice of fall ball and still outperformed the texas OL and lost more as the season progressed. 2010 I could see coming because I wasn't sold on Gilbert or your OL. 2011 was the same expectations for the same reasons. 2012, same thing but this time with Ash and the OL but then the defense didn't show up either. 2013? As of May 16th I think this; If the OL still cant run block and your team has to pass its way to a title, Im going to say it will look similar to the last three seasons. I don't know about the defense yet but it needs to improve in a lot of areas. Ash didn't appear to be any better in the spring game, but maybe the practices were better than that game. Swoopes running could catch some teams off guard. That said, I wouldn't be disappointed if texas went 8-4 or 7-5 because Im kind of expecting it at this point. If your expecting 10 wins, I think itll take a bowl game to get it.

    There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man with nothing to lose.

  • You and the rest of the Okie fans that are brainwashed in that your staff can just "coach up" any kid is laughable.

    Yes your staff has done an outstanding job of filling in some guys in some holes caused by injuries upfront and in regards to that I will give them the nod of doing a great job there as far as that goes.

    Where your hatred blinds you is how far the Longhorn talent fell upfront really after the 2008 season. The Texas 2009 OL was at best average and in my opinion really slightly below average and really not much better than the 2012 OL. We just had a tremendous talent under center in 2009 with outstanding talent in specific skill positions. Ash was in his 2nd year in 2012 and if you compare it to Colt's 2nd year......well you take a look. It wasn't that far off. Am I saying that Ash is comparable to McCoy? No I am not, but David Ash does not have to be Colt McCoy for the Longhorns to be successful with this new staff and level of talent.

    Harsin is a very good coach with a good scheme; but it just didn't fit the personnel that the Longhorns had in 2011 and 2012. It really was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The Oklahoma coaching staff isn't going to "coach up" FCS level talent Offensive lineman into good BCS level blockers----it is impossible and you fools think that it is. Our evaluations, laziness and some bad luck regarding our coaching and talent level from 2006 to 2009 caught up to us and Mack recognized this and made some changes. I have a saying in business and that is "you can't turn a duck into an eagle" and while people like you think that is possible, the reality is if it were true then your coaching staff wouldn't be focusing on recruiting talent from the state of Texas in the first place and would be focused on the talent in the state of Oklahoma.

    Did Mack make the right changes? Well as far as Harsin goes at the time back in 2011 that is debatable along with Manny Diaz. As everyone on this site has reiterated, the Longhorn nation and the rest of the college football world is going to learn alot about Mack and his ability to get the Texas program back to prominence during the 2013 season. You can make points about Mack letting it fall to the levels it did all day long and how someone making $5 million dollars a year shouldn't have let that happen at a school with the resources that UT has, but the real question is could have anyone else have turned things around any quicker from that steep fall? I think maybe they could have, but people in executive positions at the University thought otherwise and they have been far more successful than you or anyone on this board about making successful decisions with regards to college football programs.

    I am not a Mack Brown fan, but I am a realist and the reality is that Mack was chastized for years for not taking chances and sticking with the status quo. Well not taking chances got him and the program into a real rut and so he took chances to get himself and the program out of that rut before he retires.

    We are about to see if our chastizing of Mack all those years was justified or if Mack was correct in doing what he did and things just kind of ran their course or not. What I am saying is that if Mack is successful in 2013 & 2014 then fans like me can't help but think about "what if" during the Greg Davis years when our Offensive talent was obviously handcuffed by predictable playcalling and schemes.

    In my eyes.....2013 and 2014 has to be REAL SUCCESSFUL or the Texas football program has become stale just like the Oklahoma football program and a change at the top has to be made because of the level of talent that Mack has assembled on campus. You are right about one thing and that is Texas has more talent in 2013 than the rest of the conference, but that wasn't the case in 2012, 2011 and definitely not in 2010.

    That is where you are delusional.

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  • i think that it may be more accurate to say that Texas recruited more talent than they had, look at 2009 (i think) how many of those players left school early and generally failed to develop. that isn't an isolated example, unfortunately. for some reason, many Texas recruiting classes don't measure up. i have tried to figure out if that was do to poor ranking or poor player development. I suspect that it is somewhere in between. the last two classes on campus appear to have shifted that dynamic.....pray

  • In the Mack years - Overall, UT gets better talent than OU. Overall, OU is better coached than UT as evident by his record vs. the Sooners. No delusion here.
    Personally, I think Kirk is good for college football. Chicks dig him too.
    UT is getting better, and I wouldn't sleep on the Horns this year. Nice schedule and I like the hurry-up O.
    OU could be down unless Bell shocks the nation. If UT doesn't win in Dallas this year, the Red River winning streak could get nasty.

  • Oh, I don't think we can coach anyone up. We seem to get a lot out of them, but not everyone, so I agree with your FCS talent comment. Thing is, we don't have FCS talent up front. We have very good talent up front, just not the maulers we had in 06-08. That said, we have some JUCO guys coming in that have that type of mindset, so we will see what happens with that. We should be pretty good up front this year and if we can get a TE to play consistently, the run game will be impressive.

    As for Ash, I guess you can compare he and McCoys second season if you want, but you could tell that McCoy had the skills when he was a freshman. Not a huge arm or anything, but knew where to put the ball. Its just my opinion, but I don't see it in Ash. I see it in Brewer, but not Ash. I know that's hard to say since Brewer hasn't thrown a meaningful pass in a game, but he looks like he has the skill to me. But we will see. IMO, Ash does have to be Colt McCoy to make texas successful because I don't believe in your OL. McCoy made the best of his situation because he never really had a good OL. McCoy would have had a great 07 season but his OL failed him and then Davis took that team back to a more spread oriented attack in 08 and 09 and that helped you guys a great deal. Maybe Applewhite will use Ashs feet. That will help things, but we will see.

    I agree on Harsin. He needed more time to get the type of OL in place that for that type of offense to work.

    OU had a pretty good year and despite 10 wins, a change was needed. Im glad Stoops stays ahead of the curve with these things. I just hope the new guys can get it done because the old coaches we let go were doing pretty good. Is our brand stale? I guess, but we do evolve pretty good to stay ahead. This will be a fun year for us because nobody knows what to expect.

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    There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man with nothing to lose.