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Coaches talk after the game

  • Mack Brown and the Texas coaches talks on the radio broadcast after the game.

    Mack Brown
    They have to continued to [grow up]....You have to take [games] all individually because everybody's got some good players....If you turn it over a couple of times anybody can beat you...Today was a very good game for us against a very good football team.....You've got to get ready to play each week...We did a good job running the ball, we did a good job stopping their run...I thought our defense did a really good job in the second half....I thought we dominated the running game throughout the game.

    We all had someone to dedicate this game to...It's very emotional, but very dangerous if you let your mind wander....[Darrell Royal] is a veteran, the stadium is named after he and the veterans...I just wasn't ready for (him to pass), I wasn't prepared for it...Even though he was struggling with some things I wasn't ready for him to go in my mind...The players were helping me that last couple of days....We said if we were backed up we wouldn't do (the double pass), but I said what the heck....We figured we had twice as much chance to have good things happen. Thank goodness the guys executed it.

    [Iowa State] can run the ball well enough to keep it away from you....Paul Rhoads said after the game you're hot team in this league and you've gotten a lot better in the last four or five weeks.

    The first thing I'm going to do is head home and turn on Kansas State and TCU at 6.....I think the guys need to handle their business and stay out of trouble tonight. That's always dangerous when you have an early game...We'll take off Monday and have three games of practice this week....We might even have a little scrimmage with some of the younger guys because they haven't gotten as much work....(Thanksgiving TCU game) should be exciting, maybe our largest crowd ever, maybe give us a chance to get nine wins.

  • Bryan Harsin
    (The double pass out of the Wishbone) was something that was thought out throughout the week....One thing I'll say about this is I'm very proud of the kids because they knew what it symbolized and they knew why we were doing it...They were very excited about doing it.

    (Joking) I'm going to go back and research that some more because that seemed to work pretty good.

    You're not going to make those type of runs unless the offensive is making blocks and moving the pile...That's a whole front seven effort...I think that's something we talked about a lot, we talked about it being a mentality....One of the things going into this game we had a tremendous amount of respect for Iowa State's front seven...It wasn't going to be a game of lining up and just pounding....Just proud of the overall effort on the offensive side of the ball and the effort they gave.

    You want to give a guy an opportunity that's going to work and is something that he deserves (on Barrett Matthew's TD)...It's just something that's motivational. It shows guys that if you do those things, you sacrifice, you'll get your glory.

  • Manny Diaz
    I think it's just individual improvement....We're just getting better...It's been a process that we wish would have happened sooner...We're going to watch the tape and there's going to be a lot of things to fix after today.

    [Steele Jantz] is so hard to sack...He tends to escape all the time..He's just a hard guy to get on the ground, but we did harass him. I think the big element is no big plays and then we won on third down.

    Those (young) guys have been getting reps all year...To make a play like that (Shiro's play late in the game) in a crucial situation like that was good to see.

  • TFL on 3rd down in the 4th qtr.

  • On a 3rd and short he snuffed out a zone read handoff and made the tackle for a 3 yrd loss. Was late 3rd or early 4th quarter I believe.