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Bruthamans B12 Predictions 11/20

  • TCU @ UT - Patterson is a good coach. With his name being thrown all around for coaching positions, you have to wonder if he is completely focused on the task at hand. TCU has a rough finishing kick with UT and OU back to back. TCU has been fiesty, but not what we had become used to seeing over the last few years. For them to win, its going to take an inspired effort if the UT of the last few weeks show up. If TCU can shut down the texas rush attack, its going to be a fun ball game to watch. TCU can get to the QB better than anybody in the conference but UT has committed to the run game so much that you cant just pin your ears back tee off. UT hit a lull with back to back losses and a near miss at KU, but other than that, its been pretty good. TCU will use plenty of QB run game against texas. It will look a lot like the Kst attack. They are going to run jet sweeps and plenty of zone read and QB draw plays in an attempt to make the texas LBs take a few false steps. texas will counter with depth at the LB spot meaning instead of 3-5 yards off, they will be 5-7 yards. Expect to see a spy on Boykin all day. On offense, texas will keep running as long as the score is in hand. The TCU secondary has been beatable so expect to see a few bombs over the top for Davis. The run plays will be between the tackles as TCU does have some speed at the LB spot and outside of Gray and Johnson, there isnt enough speed for texas to get to the edge from the RB position. TCU will try to make texas earn every yard, playing very deep at the safety position while trying to execute a few well timed blitzes to get texas behind the chains. If texas takes care of the ball and the OL gets a push in the middle, they will win. Ash has to be careful because Patterson is known to throw out a few crazy coverages that confuse QBs into INTs. TCU will get theirs both on the ground and throwing to Boyce, but I dont know if itll be enough. Its going to be a close game that could go either way but a turnover by the rookie at QB will be the difference. 35-31 UT

    WV @ IAst - Well, IAst gave the ball to a new QB and wallah, points out the wazzu. KU didnt know what hit'em. Now, WV wont be as shocked since they now have some tape on the guy, but when has that mattered against the WV defense? They could know the play and still have only a 20% chance of stopping it. The WV offense found what it needed last week on offense and that was a man to man scheme. They wont get that this week. They will see lots of cover 3 and 4 to keep as many eyes forward as possible to find Austin and Buie. There will be lots of WTF going on for WV as they see their offense stopped time and time again by IAst. That new QB has created all kids of buzz and the stadium will be rocking. He is going to have to throw the ball to win though because WV can play run defense, they just cant cover anyone. Austin has another big night, but not like 800 yards again. WV will run well, but IAst will be good enough on defense and IAst will hit on just enough passes to win the game. There wont be much drama either. 38-21 IAst

    BU vs TT - TT is done. OKst did whatever they wanted, early and often and here comes yet another high powered offense that has been productive all season long in BU. BU wont get the shutdown effort they had on defense against Kst, but they have gained some confidence and it will show. TT on the other hand hasnt shown any life on defense as of late getting beat running and passing the ball. TT will take its shots downfield early and may hit one or two, but as soon as a couple of three and outs happen, they will hang their heads. Expect to see lots of jump balls on the edge for TT. TT is going to blitz to try to throw BU off schedule but its going to leave lots of room open between the LBs and safeties. BU will continue to set Seastruck loose on defenses and that balance is going to be too much for TT to take. On defense, BU will make sure TT cant run, but that wont take much. Thats why BU will win. They better with Briles calling out the SEC like he just did. 54-28 BU

    OKst @ OU - Two weeks in a row, the OU defense has been smoked. Mike Stoops has shown to be very stubborn by not switching up his man to man defense. Last week, trying to tackle Austin with safeties was just foolish. OKst on the other hand, is rolling. #3 QB starting would be a problem for most, but not these guys and the defense has been all over the place. They blitz from all over the place and its a scheme that is very hard to read. Shocking as it may seem, their DTs have been as good as anyone in the league. The OU OC has learned his lesson and is making sure that he keeps the run game invovled, effective or not. Now, he just has to realize that it really makes play action effective. OU will try to remain balanced and I expect to see lots of play action to make that zone blitz scheme a stop slower. I also think we will throw many passes down the sideline to take advantage of the height advantage that Brown has on Brown (6'3 vs 5'8). I also expect to see the bubble screen come back to life this week. Okst will bring the house, just like last year. They will play without care or worry and throw caution in the wind on defense. It will look like the old Kst defenses where they had 11 people at the LOS and you never knew who was coming or dropping into coverage. On offense, OKst will have a run to pass ration of 3 or 4 to 1. Why not? Austin ran for 100 million yards and Seastrunk ran wild too. They have the OL to do it and OU seems to think that 7 DBs is the way to go, or at least they did. OU will actuall look a lot more base 4-3 than ever before. Itll still be a nickle package, but expect Ibiloye to be on the field more and there will actually be a mix of zone and man for once. Mike Stoops has been humbled over the last two weeks and I think he will make that change. I hope makes that change because if he doesnt, texas @ Kst is for the B12 title if texas beats TCU. OKst will run and have some success early, but Chelf wont see enough good plays in the passing game to keep them in it. The reason he wont is because I think Lunt will start. OU will blitz him silly if he does. The OU OL hasnt been great at run blocking but they have kept Jones upright and he has delivered. He will deliever again and put the game away at some point in the third. 42-28 OU

    No suprises this week but next week, pressure is going to be high as lots of teams have a lot to play for.

    Kst playing for the B12 title and a BCS bid
    OU playing for a B12 birth and the BCS bid if Kst losses
    UT playinf for a BCS bid and the B12 title if OU losses

    If OU and UT win this week, no doubt that Kst and UT are primetime in Manhattan. They will know exactly whats at stake at kickoff too being that OU/TCU will be an earlier KO time. Lets see this week play out first.

    There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man with nothing to lose.

  • What did Briles say about the SEC?

  • Sorry, it was Bennet, the DC. Here is a link.

    There is nothing more dangerous in this world than a man with nothing to lose.

  • The part about beating Alabama with how well they played is his opinion.

    There is no doubt that teams in the SEC do not play offenses like Baylor, Okie State, etc. every weekend. I just posted this in another thread but if you look what Ole Miss has been able to do in one year it is fairly impressive. They took LSU and Aggie to the wire. They also went into the 4th quarter down 27-14. Ole Miss got beat 52-3 at home to LSU last year and 52-7 at home last year to Alabama.

    I do think and posted last week that the SEC defenses overall will be better prepared next year. I just think having a year to study tendencies of QB play and offense will be hugely beneficial. That isn't to say that spread teams won't have any success but the more familiarity the better.

    It is also why I think the game this weekend between Aggie and Mizzou will be interesting. This type of game is what Mizzou and their players are more accustomed to playing. It isn't the same teams as last year but Mizzou was just at Kyle Field a year ago and walked away with a win.

  • OSU takes it to Blow U. I see the Cowboys taking another one from Poops in 2012.

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