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Big12 MBB notes (wk of 7/8)--D league? Try Y league edition.

  • Baylor

    Jefferson has back to back double-doubles for the US WUG team--14 pts, 11 rebounds in game 1 slaughter of UAE, and 10 points, 15 rebounds in game 2 win over the Czechs.

    Heslip scored 22 in Canada's opening win over Sweden.


    I include this mainly for the humor in finding it in the Brownsville Herald. It's a description of the various candidates for playing time in the backcourt. Maybe they are going to play in the South Padre tournament again, but I can't find anything on the internet about that being held this year, so maybe it has gone the way of tight shorts on basketball players.

    Anyway, there are a lot of candidates for three positions (PG-- Kane, Morris, Palo; SG--Kane, Bluford, Long, Dorsey-Walker, Thomas). I say three positions, since I expect Hoiberg will play a lot of 3 guard lineups. Kane is obviously going to play starter minutes. It's hard to guess how the rest will shake out. It's still really bizarre to see Palo second in the Cap City league in rebounding and leading in assists. I know it's a run and gun Y league, but 14.3 rebounds a game for a 6'1" point guard?

    By the way, Royce White will be playing there on Wednesday. I wonder what the 76ers think of that.


    This is a little late, but the US team won the gold at the U19 championships. Smart led the US scorers with 18 in the semifinal game against Lithuania and finished with 9.8 pts, 2.4 stls, 2.2 assists in 15.8 minutes per game. Led the team in steals, second in assists. His deep shooting did not improve (.286).

  • OSU

    Olukemi denied a sixth (or is it seventh?) year. Gardner also leaving. OSU now with a scholarship to spare.

  • ISU

    Hoiberg discussing Long and Nader. Thinks Long has worked hard defensively and will be major contributor if his shot is consistent and thinks Nader will be big in replacing Ejim as a rebounder when Nader becomes eligible in 2014-15.

    USA WUG team

    Just dropped two straight, 93-84 to Australia and 95-84 to Canada. Canada wins the pool 5-0, Australia second at 4-1.

    Jefferson still chugging along at 11 rebounds and 11 points per game.

    Heslip has been a monster, averaging 17 points per game in less than 20 minutes and shooting almost .500 bta. Ejim has been only somewhat effective, averaging just over 5 rebounds in 19 minutes.

    Edit: BTW, the significance of the losses is that the US team does not advance to the medal round, since only the top two in each of the four pools advances. The US may have been in a tough pool, but it's hard to explain how it could not have put together a team that could have beaten the Canadians or the Aussies.

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