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Big 12 men's hoop notes (July 4 week)

  • OSU

    Took a big hit to its recruiting class with Detrick Mostella deciding to switch his commitment to Pitt. I'm guessing he saw he wouldn't get any PT as a freshman behind Smart, Brown, Clark, and Forte.

    Smart has been playing very well for the USA U19 team in Prague. In three games in pool play, USA outscored the opponents (Ivory Coast, China, Russia) by a combined 316-133. In the second round, it was 91-66 over Brazil and 94-51 over Australia. Smart plays less than 15 minutes per game for 8.2 pts, 3.4 rb, 3.2 st, 2.8 assists per game.


    More Pittsburgh Pro-Am Summer League highlights. Williams looking good again. WVU should be much improved.


    Added Tulsa to the home schedule in 2013-14 and road schedule in 2014-15.


    The Cyclones are still having fun scoring 100+ points per game in the Cap City Y League. Niang now the leading scorer at 44 points per game. Dorsey-Walker scored 56 over two games to fall from first to third. That league has to be a blast to play in.

    Everyone seems inclined to guard Thomas on the perimeter and force him to drive. He doesn't look exactly bad at it, but it's safe to say driving for the floater is not his best weapon.

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  • KU

    Self is looking for back to back huge classes. KU targeting 9 guys in the composite top 20 for 2014, including Mudiay, Turner, Winslow, and Oubre from the state of Texas. 247 lists Mudiay as "cool" to KU, and the rest are "warm."

    Add Pope to make it 10/21. KU might not have too many scholarships available. Black and Wiggins are certs to leave. Embiid, Selden, and Ellis are next most likely departees for the pros, but it will be a crowded draft, so they would have to really stand out this year to benefit from declaring. Embiid has the size and athleticism to get attention, but I don't know about the other two. Meanwhile, I have a hard time seeing Andrew White sticking around for a third year on the bench if he doesn't get a lot of time on the court this year.


    Weber added Jack Karapetyan, a 6'7" SF who is a not too terribly athletic hustling type. He can shoot some and makes the effort to run the floor, even though he isn't that fast. He'll be of some value to a team that has only DJ Johnson, Thomas Gipson, Wesley Iwundu, and Shane Southwell measuring 6'6" or better. The question is whether he can provide any value right away.

    KSU will surely win the honor of taking the biggest drop in the conference.

    Jack Karapetyan Highlights

    #4 Idrissa Diallo
    #25 Jack Karpetyan
    #12 Giannis Dimakopoulos
    #1 Derrien King
  • ISU

    OK, this is just a sportswriter's opinion, but the Boston Globe has an article today in which Hoiberg is included among 13 possible head coach hires by the Celtics. There is nothing in the article to indicate Ainge or anyone from the Celtics suggested Hoiberg is a candidates.

    "Analysis: “The Mayor” is a strong candidate from the college ranks who has NBA experience in several areas. Unclear how his coaching style would translate, but a safe, potentially stable pick."

    I do think Hoiberg will eventually make his way to the NBA, but I don't think his time for that has arrived yet. I note that he is the only college coach among the 13 possible selections. I also must confess that I just don't quite grok the phrase "safe, potentially stable pick."

  • Smart fouled out in 9 minutes in a 71-62 win over Serbia. Serbia will probably be up against the US in the gold medal game, and its coach refrained from playing zone even a single minute.

    Smart fouled out on a T for flopping. That was one of two things I hated about his game for OSU--1) flopping and 2) running under guys going down court to try to draw a charge right after a made basket. I won't be surprised if someone gets seriously pissed and a fight breaks out over the latter at some point if he keeps it up.

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  • Why the optimism about WVU improving, but so little for Texas improving? In spite of the 2 close head to head wins, WVU was no better than Texas overall last season.

  • WVU has a much better recruiting class, especially if Holton and Macon qualify. Dibo and Holton are juniors, and Macon will be a 20 year old freshman, so they won't be nearly as green as most recruits. While WVU couldn't hit a three pointer early in the year, it shot pretty well bta in conference, at which time its biggest problems were defensive rebounding and guarding perimeter shooters. Kilicli was really weak throughout his career at rebounding and will be replaced by much stronger rebounders, no matter whether that will be Holton or Williams (or even Watkins, for that matter). Harris and Henderson will be a year improved at staying on opponents on the perimeter.

    I do think WVU still has some real questions at the point. Staten can't shoot. There should be enough long-range shooting options for WVU so that shouldn't be as big a problem as it might otherwise be, and Eron Harris is being groomed to slide over into the pg role, but it remains to be seen how that will play out. Browne is another option, but his a/t ratio over two years isn't very encouraging.

    WVU was a much better ft shooting team that just lost its worst ft shooter-- Kilicli (.524). Texas's returning players combined to shoot .542 from the line. Yeah, that bad.

    Texas lost its top three scorers, and we are force to console ourselves with the theory that we got rid of the malcontents. WVU lost a bunch of non-producers including Deniz Kilicli, a guy who never developed much of anything other than a beard. He was never a strong rebounder, he couldn't block shots, he didn't move his feet well on defense, he committed lots of turnovers, and he couldn't shoot free throws. He could score fairly well from 8-15 feet, but that was about it. I think Williams as a freshman will give WVU as much if not more than Kilicli did as a senior. I think Holton will be a quantum leap above Kilicli.

    Texas has no proven offensive threat in the middle, and we didn't hear anything this week in The Eyes about Ridley's conditioning work. Texas will have to rely on unproven freshmen to provide perimeter scoring, since neither Felix nor (shudder) Holland seemed particularly adept at that unless Felix was being given a kickout by another guard penetrating. Maybe Papi, Lammert, and Holmes will all shoot close to .400 bta this year, but I don't think we can count on that happening.

    I think Texas will be a little better than next year, just not a whole lot. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not counting on it.

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  • Baylor

    Heslip made the Canada WUG team, giving Baylor two players in the tournament. Jefferson was named to the US team last week.


    Ejim will also play for Canada.


    Finalized non-conference schedule. Puerto Rico Tip-Off (Georgetown, Michigan, VCU, FSU in the field), home against Mississippi in the Big 12/SEC Challenge, and a homeutral game against Gonzaga in Wichita. Long Beach State looks like the only other opponent worth spit. ZERO road games. That'll test the troops.

  • TCU

    Announced its Canadian tour schedule and opponents.

    University of Ottawa (Aug. 9) (a very good Canadian team that made the CIS semifinals last year)
    Guardsman Alumni (Aug. 10, played @ Carleton University)
    Carleton University (Aug. 11) (the best university team in Canada last year-won the CIS finals 92-42)
    Montréal All-Stars (Aug. 12)

    The Carleton Ravens went 19-1 in the Ontario University Athletics East Division last year. The University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (I kid you not) went 15-5, splitting with McGill, winning 2 of 3 against Ryerson, but dropping both games to Carleton.

    The Gee-Gees lost by 13 to UNLV and by 9 to Northeastern last year. The Ravens lost by 4 to UNLV, by 10 to Buffalo, and beat Northeastern by 13.

    Both teams will also play against Syracuse and Wisconsin. Carleton will also play games against Towson and Canisius.

    I haven't a clue about the Guardsman Alumni or the Montreal All-Stars.