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Big 12 Men's hoop news (wk 8/28)--Holton in, out, in (maybe) ed.

  • WVU

    It's been pretty amusing to try to keep track of the WVU enrollee saga. Apparently there was a fight among WVU officials regarding whether Holton could be/should be admitted. He still does not appear on the roster, but the report is now that he has been admitted and will be at practice this week.

    On a Rivals or Scout board, I forget which, there was some discussion suggesting that the hangup had to do with Holton's failure to complete JUCO course work in time to graduate in June and the JUCO he attended does not confer degrees again until December, even though Holton finished all the necessary course work. I have no way of confirming if this is the case, but Chris Anderson on Eer has steadily maintained this was a WVU vs. WVU issue, not an issue with NCAA requirements.

    If Macon winds up ineligible to play, Holton's presence would be a must for WVU to escape the bottom four. If WVU has both of those guys, it could really surprise people.

  • WVU

    The Sponge is now on the WVU roster. Holton and Williams gives Huggins two guys who are athletic and excellent rebounders, and Holton comes with the additional benefit of having a good three point stroke.

    They list Macon as well, but I don't think Macon is cleared to play yet.


    While Texas is scrambling to get even a look from top 100 guys, Baylor will host Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones this weekend.


    This is pretty awesome. TCU has an 11 year old freshman. He says he wants to join the basketball team.

  • TCU

    We have a little more info regarding how good or bad TCU might be. TCU played in Canada with Devonta Abron, losing by 26 to Carleton and by 16 to Ottawa. Carleton recently beat Wisconsin 95-82 and lost in OT to Syracuse 69-65. Ottawa lost to Wisconsin 101-92 and to Syracuse 73-50. If TCU doesn't get Fields back, it will probably be nearly as bad as it was last year.

  • Baylor

    Heslip made the Canadian Men's team and is playing in the Fiba Americas tournament. Scored 17 with 6/10 fg, 3/5 ft.

    Of note to Texas fans, Thompson and Joseph combined for 28 points and 20 rebounds, with Joseph contributing 10 assists.

  • Here are Draft Express's rankings of Big 12 players going into the school year.


    4 Jefferson Baylor
    16 Black KU
    58 Brown OSU
    82 Ejim ISU
    84 Clark OU
    87 Kane ISU


    7 Nash OSU
    34 Tolbert Tech
    62 Staten WVU
    67 Holmes Texas
    78 Tharp KU
    83 Cobbins OSU
    90 Fields TCU

    Ineligible transfer Ziegler is 96th. Former Horn commit Kevin Thomas is 97th


    1 Smart OSU
    3 Austin Baylor
    35 Ridley Texas
    36 Ellis KU
    37 Niang ISU
    51 Traylor KU
    81 White KU
    84 Ibeh Texas

    Ineligible transfers Edwards and Mickelson are 86th and 87th. Sheldon McClellan is 92nd.


    1 Wiggins KU
    4 Embiid KU
    7 Selden KU
    32 Williams WVU
    38 Wainright Baylor
    42 Greene KU
    64 Shepherd TCU
    73 Frankamp KU
    77 Lucas KU

    Even KU's bench dregs are ranked.

    I wonder if Holton and Macon are not ranked due to uncertainty about eligibility. Since Holton is now enrolled and eligible, I would think he would be a top 50 junior. Macon is a question mark for various reasons.

    I am quite surprised by the omission of Southwell (KSU), who is a vastly underrated player. He's a plus defender who is a deadly three point shooter and who can trigger the offense from the wing. I know most of the country doesn't really know about him, but for him to miss the list of the top 94 seniors is really, really wrong.

  • great stuff as always- bierce always brings the basketball info!

  • ISU

    I didn't see this coming. ISU just kicked Bubu Palo off the team. While criminal charges were dropped last winter, the university appealed an adverse disciplinary decision, and he was found guilty of violating the code of student conduct.

    While Kane will get most of the minutes at the point, Palo probably would have been a valuable addition to the ISU guard rotation.

    Aaron Law also decided to transfer.


    Dominic Magee trimmed his list to KSU, OSU, LSU, Memphis, and Kentucky. Kentucky hasn't offered yet, but is showing serious interest after getting spurned by Mudiay.

    Louisville decommit Quentin Snider includes OSU in a final 7 (with Michigan State, UCLA, and UConn among others, so it won't be easy.)

    I haven't heard anything about Okafor and Jones's visit to Baylor, but there were some other visits going on.

    JUCO post Stephen Hurt at KSU.

    PG Lourawls Nairn will be visiting OU next weekend.

    LeRon Black, who had been considering Baylor, committed to Illinois.

    And in a story that might have been of far more significance to UT fans about 3 years ago, some guys are trying to put together a basketball factory, I mean prep school, in Canada to keep 'em home.