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  • Watching OU now. I 've seen over half the conference play
    the past week, and there are no patsies in this league.
    Kruger and Huggins automatically make OU and W. Va.
    better, K-State, and Okie State look iimproved, and Kansas
    is, well, Kansas. This could be the year Barnes finally fails
    to take the Horns dancing. Does that put his job in jeopardy?
    I have not seen Baylor, Tech, Iowa St., or T.C.U. play. I see
    maybe middle of the pack to 7th or 8th. 8-10 to 6-12??? Of
    course, this prediction goes only if Kabongo is ruled ineligible
    for the season. I would need to see a few games with him in
    there to make a reasonable prediction.

  • There are Tech and TCU as probable patsies, and there aren't many very good teams, either. WVU and KSU can't shoot. Baylor is still a team that is prone to sloppiness and lazy defensive play. KU is still the class of the league, with OSU a very dangerous team, but one that is susceptible to getting absolutely demolished on the glass. ISU could be a pretty good team if Lucious wouldn't be so trigger happy and Clyburn so apt to try to take it past a pair of defenders.

    For those who think the victory over NC State proved what an excellent team OSU is, I point to the fact NC State was up a single point over 1-4 UNC Asheville with 1:30 left tonight. The Wolfpack is not playing good basketball right now. OSU played a good game and had a great tournament in Puerto Rico, but it has weaknesses.

    You don't need to see Texas play Big 12 competition to know it isn't a tournament team as it is currently configured. Losing two of three to a Division II team, a near bottom Pac 12 team, and the bottom SEC team, and beating a fairly weak Fresno State team by a single basket in Austin is all you need to know.

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