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Barnes at the Big 12 men's bball teleconference


    Barnes starts at 1:19:25

    Briefly (and sometimes badly) paraphrased

    Q: Smart return push OSU to the top?
    A: Can't count out Kansas. Those two at the top. Big 12 is not in a down year.

    Q: Believe the hype on Wiggins?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Kabongo translates to NBA?
    A: Yes. Will compete. Tough league to crack. Hope it works out with whoever gets him.

    Q: Lost several upperclassmen. Sense of urgency to develop others/freshmen?
    A: Had to change culture. We've done that. Not one guy who hasn't moved forward. Kendal only freshman around right now.

    Q: Other three coming for second session?
    A: Everyone except Papi. Demarcus is OK.

    Q: What is going on in Canada to make so many good players recently?
    A: Improved international play. Exposure over the years. Work ethic in Canadian kids.

    Q: SEC/Big 12 challenge. Anticipate playing A&M in it?
    A: No idea. Haven't thought about it.

    Q: (Jeff) What do you expect from Holmes in locker room?
    A: He's not a vocal, rah-rah guy, but there are lots of ways to lead. Hard work, max effort. Everybody's energy level will be higher. Everybody made a commitment to each other to change this culture.

    Q: Javan benefited from USA trial?
    A: He's is tremendous shape. Felt he was good enough to be one team, can use this as motivation.

    Q: What do you need from Prince and Cam this summer?
    A: Need improvement in every area. Condition to play from Cam. Prince to develop skill. Expecting a lot from both.

  • Scott Drew

    Haven't heard about waiver on O'Neale.
    Excited about the new guys.
    Added a lot of pieces on the perimeter that will help the team.
    Have only worked out with the guys a couple of weeks. Will know more when 5 on 5s start.
    Austin doing only rehab, will start working out with team toward end of July.
    Freeman has college ready body. Can guard.

  • Huggins (sounds completely disinterested)

    Opportunity for the guys to play in Pittsburgh summer league. Henderson and Harris want to lead them.
    Harris recruited as a combo. Has embraced a move to point. Has length and athleticism at the point.
    Expects everyone to come in. Doesn't know who will make it in during the summer. (No mention of being 1 over on scholarships if everyone makes it.)
    Still on the rag about the travel issues. "Different style of league" "and with that the officiating was different."
    This is more of a spread, penetrate and pitch league. More of a "skill league."
    Kane (ISU transfer) is a good player. Size and good at attacking the rim.
    Smart controls game at the point like no one he's seen since Kidd.
    Refuses to answer Q about KU or OSU.

  • Tubby

    Still looking to fill basketball ops position.
    July recruiting period very important. 5 seniors to replace. In touch with guys he had been recruiting to Minnesota.
    Lubbock is a desolate wasteland. (Just joking. He didn't say that.) Praised admin and locals.
    Lot of change for all the players with 4 coaches in 4 years.
    Want to get competitive in the league.

  • Hoiberg

    The usual stuff about KU, OSU, and improved fortunes of conference in late recruiting and guys not opting for the NBA.
    Thinks OU will be a good team with their freshmen improving.
    We'll see how the new block/charge rule works. Thinks it is a good change.
    Everybody is lying to each other about the draft.
    Kane brings experience. Can put up big numbers. Should fit ISU system of spaced shooters.