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The right time

BASTROP, Texas – Bastrop head coach Gerald Perry said everything was going fine with Antwuan Davis' recruitment.

After qualifying for the state track meet in the 100-meter dash, Antwuan Davis said the time felt right to commit to Texas.

That was until the 6-foot, 182-pound speedy cornerback with more than 30 offers to his name called him Thursday night and said he needed to talk. The conversation, much to Perry's surprise, was about Davis wanting to commit to Texas on Friday.

“We had a long talk,” Perry said. “I asked him if he was sure that's what he wanted to do, and he said it was. It caught me by surprise, but he was sure that's what he wanted to do so we did it.”

Perry, Davis, and Davis' parents went to Austin on Friday where the three-star recruit committed to Texas in Mack Brown's office. Davis, who became the 14th verbal commitment in the Longhorns' 2013 recruiting class, said he had it in his mind that in a perfect world he'd commit to the Longhorns the week before the state track meet.

At the end of the day, things could not have played out any better.

“My family enjoyed it, my coach enjoyed it, and most of all I enjoyed it,” Davis said. “I knew it would be a great experience.”

Davis was flooded with interview requests on Friday afternoon, and during a Friday afternoon conversation with in the Bastrop weight room he went through why he decided to pull the trigger when he did.

He'd been putting recruiting on the back burner and hadn't tipped his hand much publicly, adding that he wouldn't until after the state meet. Davis said as the smoke started to clear with his goal of advancing to the state meet in the 100-meter dash out of the way, he figured Friday was as good of a time as any.

“I had laid low and hadn't been answering many questions from coaches because I was getting ready for district and then regionals,” Davis said. “I knew I wanted to go to Texas and I don't have anything left to worry about with state coming up, so I figured why not now? It just seemed like the perfect time to do it.”

With the time and place already set up for telling the Texas coaches about his commitment, Davis said the most nerve-racking part about his Friday conversation with Mack Brown was just that – being in Brown's office.

The Texas head coach was in full closer mode, according to Davis, who said Brown started out the visit with an apparent magic trick.

“He opened the door and told the door to shut and it shut,” Davis said. “He had a magnet behind his back the whole time and tried to trick me, but it was cool. We talked after that for a minute then there was a moment of silence. After that, he asked me if I was ready to do this, and I said, 'Absolutely.'”

Upon Brown's prompt, Davis wasted no time giving Texas his word, much to the delight of Brown and Duane Akina. Davis is the first defensive back commitment in this class for the Longhorns.

Davis said he became very comfortable with Akina throughout the process. It wasn't a matter of whether or not Texas was the right fit, but making sure factors other than his own approval of the Texas program fell into place.

Once Davis' family was on board with the Longhorns, there was no stopping him from making his decision. He cited his parents' approval as the final checkmark in the pros column for Texas.

“The fact that my parents were most comfortable with it,” Davis said. “They enjoyed it so much. They were proud to be there. I knew I could see myself there, but the fact that they loved it so much put Texas over the top.”

Given the Thursday offer to Livingston athlete Chevoski Collins, the timing of Davis' Texas commitment seemed to be due in part to running the risk of not having having a spot with the Longhorns if he waited. Davis said the offer to Collins was never a factor in when he chose to make the call.

“I didn't even know about Chevoski Collins' offer until (Friday) morning when the coaches told me,” Davis said. “I was on my own time frame the whole time, I guess it just happened that he got offered right now.”

Davis only played in four games last fall before suffering a season-ending back injury. Perry said that at the time of the injury, Davis was just starting to get comfortable with Bastrop's man-to-man, physical style in the secondary.

Davis' father said that his son is itching to put the pads on, even in the midst of training for a possible state track title in the 100 meters next weekend. Once track is over, Davis said he won't be able to contain himself when he gets back into spring football with his teammates.

“I'm really looking forward to picking up where I left off last season,” Davis said. “I'm really looking forward to having a great season this year, me and the team.”

Before he can do that, there's still one race left to run. Davis' is hoping for a lot of fan support when he steps into the blocks at Mike A. Myers Stadium next weekend.

“For me to be at UT is a big deal,” Davis said. “For me to be able to perform there before I get to school there is really special.”

Special is exactly what Longhorn fans hope the newest member of the football family can be by the time his career on the 40 Acres is over.

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