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Staying Solid

AUSTIN, Texas – The first commit of your recruiting class should always be a guy who can be an ambassador for your program.

Aaron Garza was one of the top performers among the OL campers on Sunday.

Someone who can give a good sales pitch and convince other recruits that your school is the right place for them. The good news for the Texas Longhorns is that Aaron Garza is that guy in the class of 2015.

The 6-foot-2.5, 318-pound guard committed early during the Longhorns' first ever sophomore day on March 23. Since then Garza has been as solid as can be to the Longhorns.

Following a solid summer camp performance on Sunday, Garza said Mack Brown told him when he committed there would be other schools coming after him well after his pledge was taken by the Texas staff. Mack was right, but Garza is sticking to his word and has no intention of backing off of his commitment.

“You're never going to change teams coming after you,” Garza said. “You've got to tell them thanks for the interest or the offer, but no thanks.”

One big reason why Garza is sticking to his guns is the environment at on the 40 Acres. He can't imagine finding something else like he's found at Texas.

“It's real family oriented,” Garza said. “I just felt like I was welcomed here. When I'm welcomed somewhere that's where I want to be.”

When a prospect commits as early as Garza did some folks can get uneasy about where he'll be by the time he gets to campus. If how he's handled his commitment to this point is any indication, he's going to have a chance to get into the mix as expected upon his arrival.

“It's making me work harder,” Garza said. “To play at the University of Texas is a big deal and you have to work as hard as you possibly can. It's a grind, 24/7.”

Garza was one of the top offensive line performers at Sunday's camp. He, new Longhorn commit Connor Lanfear and new offer Trevor Elbert were all at the front of the line in terms of who excelled the most in Searels' group.

It was an enjoyable day for Garza. He felt Sunday gave him a good look at what playing for Searels will be like when he arrives in Austin.

“I saw a lot of good competition and a lot of guys I'd never seen before,” Garza said. “Coach Searels really helped me excel. He showed me more than a high school coach would show you and how he wants you to play.”

With Lanfear, Keke Coutee and Johnny Shaw all jumping onboard Sunday, Garza has new company in the 2015 class. The Longhorns are now at seven commits, and Garza is looking forward to helping more guys join the fold.

“I want to do as much as I can to help my team,” Garza said. “I want to Texas have the best team. I want to be a national championship team.”

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