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Snap Judgments

There are a number of reasons for the loss. But these stick out.

Too many turnovers by David Ash and the Longhorns killed their chances of beating TCU.

1. Turnovers by David Ash deep in TCU territory early in the game and then the fumble deep in Texas territory.

2. The inability of the offense to score touchdowns on two other drives (one in the first half and another on the first drive of the second half) to get the game back to within one score.

3. A gambling defense to start the game.

4. Absolutely horrible run defense in the first half as a result of those gambles gave TCU a lead and allowed TCU to drain the clock and play keep away.

5. Poor performance on 3rd down by the defense containing a running quarterback.


I'm going to start with the defense.

If you can't stop the run, you're just not a very good football team.

That describes Texas to a T.


The defensive gameplan just looked questionable to me from the start.

After the big pass play to start the game (a corner blitz), why didn't Texas just try to make the unproven TCU quarterback beat them instead of allowing the proven TCU running backs to do it?

Instead, I saw stunts, slants, twists, zone blitzes, etc., the entire first drive for the Longhorns.


On that first drive for the Horned Frogs, TCU had four runs of more than 10 yards.

To put that in perspective, Texas had just one designed run of more than 10 yards the entire game.

Yet TCU had four +10 runs on the game's very first drive and eight total for the game.

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