Recruiting Chat Rewind

The staff held a Texas recruiting chat earlier this morning. We fielded questions on everything ranging from Ricky Seals-Jones to the future of the offensive line.

Look for Johnathan Gray to have an increased role with Malcolm Brown on the bench.

The full transcript of this morning’s chat is below.

ChampKind:1. What is the latest with Malcolm Brown’s leg/foot injury? Does the staff plan to lean on Johnathan Gray to take Brown’s snaps this weekend?

2. What’s the latest with John Harris?

3. What is the intensity level of practices this week and is the team working at game speed with live hitting/tackling?

Bobby Burton: 1a. Ankle sprain. Should be good for OU.

1b. Gray and Daje Johnson will both see more action. Coaches are much more confident in Gray's all-around game than they have been at any time this year. Really had a great game Saturday. Still a ways to go, but just a great start in their opinion.

2. Uncertainty is the best way to put it. Not making a dent.

3. I'm told they did some thud stuff but not tackle to the ground. Intensity level has been high.

Texas will continue to evaluate E.J. Achelus.


neonmoon: Other than offering 2014 kids, what is the biggest surprise to y’all in recruiting this year as it relates to Texas?

Gerry Hamilton: Biggest surprise is Texas not only continuing to go the JUCO route if need be, but expanding it from California to Mississippi. Positive move to fill needs with impact players IMO.


maninblack1: Does Major get another RB scholarship in 2014? Do you think EJ Achelus is an option in the future if so?

Hamilton: Yes to the first Q.

Texas is going to evaluate EJ Achelus, but academics are a long ways off right now. He'll be a late qualify and steal for someone that sticks with him, if a school can get him where he needs to be.


The recruitment of Andrew Billings appears to be coming down to Texas and Baylor.

Longhorn in OK: Is it gonna take a Texas win over Baylor for Billings commitment?

Blake Munroe: Honestly no one knows. It's come down to Texas and Baylor, with TCU in a distant third. It wouldn't surprise me to see him pick the winner of that matchup though. It's very interesting he's planning on announcing in the coming weeks, probably after that game sometime.

Burton: Here's a little more info on Billings.

I am told he currently favors Texas. Some influences at his high school are pushing Baylor.

But the young man grew up liking the Horns and Texas is also doing its best to recruit him.

I think Texas is in a very good spot today. I think Texas wants to try to get him down for another unofficial visit so he can see the difference in gameday atmosphere between Floyd Casey and DKR to get a feeling for just how different the programs are.


Herkie: Any news on Laquon Treadwell?

Laquon Treadwill's interest in Texas has cooled recently.

Hamilton: Treadwell had initially said he would officially visit Texas, along with Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and possibly Florida to go with Michigan.

This week, the word we have heard is that Treadwell has backed off of that after a having a conversation with a third party.

The early conversations with Treadwell and Texas were going very well according to someone very close to Treadwell.

Doesn't mean Texas is moving on, but Texas knows something else has played into Treadwell seemingly cooling a little on the Longhorns.

Crazy Horn: Would the something else on Treadwell be a bad-mouthing phone call from a WR that we are no longer recruiting?

Burton: Legitimate issue IMO.


Pottsy: What are y'all hearing on Marcell Harris? What's up with OU jumping into his top 5? Who wins out for his services? If we get a commitment from Chevoski Collin does that mean that Marcell or Cole Luke no longer have a committable offer?

It continues to look like Marcell Harris will decide between Florida and Texas.

Munroe: It's still Texas and Florida as his clear cut No. 1 and 2, with FSU trailing behind. I don't think OU is a factor in this one at all, regardless of what OU fans think. We ( have been all over his recruitment and from our sources, it's always been about the Horns and Gators.

I think Harris would still have a scholarship, regardless of Collins.

Hamilton: Marcell Harris visits Florida this weekend and FSU the following weekend. South Carolina the last weekend in October. Florida and Texas are still considered the top 2. Florida still feels pretty good about it. Texas feels like they have a shot, but with the understanding it's a still a hill to climb.

Burton: He would, regardless of Collins.

I personally feel like Harris is going to be a tough pull from UF, especially now that the Gators are playing so well.


ChampKind: 1. Odds on Texas getting in with Robbie Rhodes if Texas beats WVU and Baylor?

2. Any news on the Demetrius Knox front?

Texas will continue to recruit Robbie Rhodes until national signing day.

Munroe: 1. It's going to be a very, very tough battle for Rhodes, regardless of who Texas beats. The key to that recruitment might be if Art Briles leaves, which is purely speculation at this point.

2. Texas is still Knox's leader and is sitting in a great position. He will be down October 20th to watch the Longhorns host Baylor.

Hamilton: 1. Don't think a singular game helps. If anyone beats Baylor, it will be a long term relationship building situation over the course of a season, and recruitment. One you have to keep chipping away IMO.

2. Nothing on my end. Don't think he's a lock for Texas, honestly.


Longhorn in OK: Which out of Nick Watkins and Tony Brown is more likely to be a Horn?

Hamilton: Tony Brown, but his sisters recruitment will be huge in his eventual decision.

Munroe: Brown's situation is a bit different because he wants to go where his sister goes. His mom has been pushing the idea from the start and both kids like that idea. Luckily, she does hold an offer from Texas and the mom thinks a lot of Texas.

There's a good chance Tony Brown goes to the same school as his sister, Bealoved.

I actually spoke to Watkins last night. He's more focused on his season and grades than recruiting.

Burton: Important note on Tony Brown per Gerry Hamilton.

Tony and his mom will be visiting Texas unofficially this weekend. His sister Bealoved Brown will be making an official visit to Texas Tech.

Longhorn in OK: Does she have legit interest in Texas' track program?

Munroe: Yes she does. She will take a visit to Texas. I talked to her a few weeks ago and she said the Horns are definitely on her list of favorites.

Hookem89: Are there recruiting territories for JUCO recruiting like there is for recruiting the state of Texas? Since Texas previously did not recruit JUCOs it seems like all of the new coaches have been doing the JUCO recruiting and are the ones with connections. Bo Davis and Manny (Diaz) seem to be strong in the South. (Darrell) Wyatt in the Midwest and Texas and (Bryan) Harsin in Cali. Will (Major) Applewhite, (Bruce) Chambers and (Duane) Akina start getting involved in JUCO recruiting?

Hamilton: Bo Davis is the most active in Mississippi, followed by Stacy Searels.

Bruce Chambers has been the one in California, likely because of tight end Geoff Swaim who was a Bryan Harsin find with connections out West.

Darrell Wyatt continues to evaluate potential WR targets.

Darrell Wyatt always has, and will continue to go anywhere in the country to find the best fits.


maninblack1: How do you think Darrell Wyatt's board lines up right now? Do you think Mack gives him two more 'ships?

Hamilton: Board is a moving target, at this point.

If the need is absolutely there, yes.


nachorn: We currently have 4 junior DTs on the roster; however, we are only recruiting one 2013 DT (A'Shawn Robinson) at this time. Do you see us taking a look nationally at any other DT prospects, especially considering Robinson is looking to visit some high profile schools? Also, if Jake Raulerson ends up on the OL, then we do not currently have any 2013 DE prospects. It seems that if we were sold on Gregory, then we would have already firmed up an official visit. How do you think the 2013 DE recruiting shakes out?

Munroe: As for Gregory, he's waiting to see what Texas is going to do before taking a visit. With his injury this season, which put him out for the year, it's hard for the Texas coaches to evaluate him. With that being said, the talks between the coaching staff and Gregory continue and he is definitely very serious about Texas. If he hears that he'll get an offer, he'll be in Austin in a heartbeat. I think Texas is the one school who can make him switch from Purdue.

Texas could possibly sway DE Randy Gregory if it were to offer.


UTfandallas: Which would be more shocking, Treadwell committing to Texas or Harris committing to OU?

Munroe: Harris to OU, IMO. Right now it's Florida, Texas and FSU in that order. Texas or UF will land him. Not OU.


CornHorn: Does Mack intend to send out another wave of 2014 offers at the junior days? Will the next 2013 DE commit be from HS or JUCO?

Munroe: I would definitely think so. Plenty of 2014 evaluations are still going on, so I expect more offers to go out in February. Will it be 20? No. But some will be extended IMO. And if I had to pick, I'd say JUCO unless they find a national target.

Burton: Mack Brown has some more tricks left up his sleeve for recruiting, including some things that will happen in December/January I am told. Most certainly JUCO unless a committed high school player comes back around to Texas (like Torshiro Davis in 2012).


Texas commit Kent Perkins is playing well in 2012.

Kelso: What's up with Kent Perkins? Haven't heard anything from him in a while. Also, what are Catalons’ thoughts on his role in the offense when he gets here? Is he ok with Texas possibly taking another RB, such as Starks?

Hamilton: Nothing new with Perkins. Blake Munroe will be going by before the end of the season. Hearing he is playing well as a senior. Think he projects to RT at Texas. Best ball way out in front of him. Will need time IMO. Great body type, baseline talent.


Hookem89: Last year Texas finished off the 2012 class going after recruits (Sanders, Santos, Cottrell, etc) that were committed to other schools. If you were Texas, what committed recruits would you go after to finish out the 2013 class?

Munroe: The most obvious answer is going to be Robbie Rhodes. Texas will be after him until NSD.

If it were my decision, I'd continue to recruit wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. as well.


Hookem89: What DTs should Texas look at in 2013?

Texas may throw its hat in the ring for Hardreck Walker.

Hamilton: I think it's JUCO or a guy coming on as a senior like Texas A&M commitment Hardreck Walker - he has a lot of upside ability. Was more of a role player as a junior behind two very good seniors at Westfield.


Hookem89: Should we be worried about that WR badmouthing Texas to any current Texas recruits.

Burton: I don't know that RSJ is trying to do that openly, but if someone contacts him, he apparently has no issues discussing how he feels.


textex: Which assistant coach has the best chance to come from behind with hustle to get a recruit that's not currently on the radar?

Munroe: I think Major Applewhite. We've seen him work his magic, with Daje Johnson for example.


Look out for Major Applewhite to potentially steal a recruit down the stretch.

Hookem89: DBs are strong in the 2014 class. What others positions groups are strong and what positions groups are weak in the class?

Hamilton: Strong: S, CB, LB, RB, DE – upside guys

Weaker: OL, DT, TE

Good: WR, QB – watch for this position to end up better than right now. I like a guy like Jarrett Hildreth long term.


M K: Why is Collins now a strong lean to Texas? I remember when he was offered he was an OU lean and I think had us a distant 3rd.
What former Texas DB would you compare his upside to?

Hamilton: Bo Davis is a very good recruiter, one. Collins has a family member helping him with the non-football part of the recruiting equation and is pro Texas degree/opportunities.

Texas A&M would have been very tough to beat had the Aggies gone all in on him, from what I was told in Livingston a few weeks ago.

Bo Davis has been a big reason why Chevoski Collins is now considered a Texas lean.


Statx98: According to Christian Morgan’s Twitter, he just de-committed from FSU. FWIW and FYI

Hamilton: Think he will end up at Ole Miss, or Baylor

Munroe: I agree. He has some legitimate interest in both, especially Ole Miss.

Miami really likes this kid and it wouldn't surprise me to see them try to get after him.

Hamilton: In a Miami related note, their AD just resigned. It's going to be a punishing blow from the NCAA to Miami (Fl) from everything I'm hearing from people that don't gossip, but are dialed into it.


Jayswisher: It seems like after early momentum, the wind has been knocked out of the sails of the 2013 recruiting class. If you had to call it now, who does Texas finish with come signing day? (If you don't know the name, but you know/think there will be take- please denote using something like 'JUCO DE")

Texas is actively recruiting Desmond Harrison.

Hamilton: Season finishes strong, Texas finishes strong.
I really believe the 2013 class is a need-filling class, more than a talent-adding class. Texas will redshirt the vast majority in 2013, unless they really feel a need in an instant impact way - and not many on the HS level will be able to because Texas will be a veteran team in 2013.


Pottsy: What is it looking like with the left tackle out of California?

Hamilton: Desmond Harrison - Texas is actively recruiting the JUCO monster tackle (6-8, 330). As are many programs.

Hamilton: BTW, Harrison is not the only JUCO OL Texas is taking a look at.

If Billings goes to Baylor, Texas will be in need of an interior guy and tackle.

Pottsy: Is this a direct result of the tackles on campus or is this a way to let the talent on campus develop and add depth?

Hamilton: Tackle depth, and the continuing need to upgrade. Kennedy Estelle is going to be a big time player IMO, but Hawkins will be gone after next season. Harrison is a big time prospect, and a 3-for-2 guy that could even redshirt and start two.

Caleb Benenoch is taking his time with the recruiting process.


ChampKind: What is y'all’s take on the Benenoch recruitment. Is the kid just totally confused, too easily influenced, excitable or....? I'll hang up and listen.

Hamilton: Definitely likes Texas a lot. I think a lot of kids love the process, which is fine. At the same time, not every college is going to feel the same way, dependent on a prospects talent level


pepper11: Enlighten me on Darrion Johnson

Burton: Talent is absolutely not in question. He has had some off-field issues.

He's still young so let's see how things turn out. He certainly has the opportunity in front of him and those close to him recognize that.


Texas is still not a factor with Dontre Wilson.

Business4me24: How exactly does RSJ feel about TX at the moment? What did we say to him that took him from a Longhorn lean, to no way I would go to TX?

On another note, I remember hearing that Dontre Wilson could be looking around. I also remember reading that we would not be in the picture, regardless.

Why is it that we have two recruits that had legit interest in playing for the longhorns, now have no interest? Seems odd...

Burton: Texas cut ties with RSJ and I think he took it personally.
Texas never went all-in on Wilson and always wanted Hicks in addition to him. So Wilson knew Texas wasn't going to go only for him.


GoHorns 1: What's the story on Devon Allen?

Burton: Went and evaluated him in person and decided to go in a different direction.

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