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PODCAST: Longhorn Blitz (12.10.13)

On this episode of Longhorn Blitz with Horns247, Horns247's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler, and lifetime Longhorn and six-year NFL veteran, Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through almost an hour and a half of Longhorn football talk.

Carrington Byndom (23) and Peter Jinkens (19) were part of a Texas defense that gave the Longhorns a chance.

Today, the guys continue the constant dialogue surrounding the future of Mack Brown and the Texas Football program.

They give their opinions on how they would like for the coaching situation to be handled in the coming weeks. They also talk at length about the formula that Mack Brown used to be successful at Texas over the years and how vital it will be for the next head coach at Texas to have a distinctive system.

In addition to that, they break down the Longhorns 30-10 loss to the Baylor Bears.

Longhorn Blitz (88:02)

0:46 – Calls of the week from Craig Way, the Voice of the Longhorns
3:50 – Why Texas' loss to Baylor was bittersweet
5:56 – Rod shares some NFL stories involving Jerry Rice, Dick Jauron and Maurice Clarrett
9:20 – Rod on a couple of Jeff's articles

Segment 1: Texas-Baylor Game Review presented by Steven Van Wicklen D.D.S. (13:48)
14:54 – Another call of the week from Craig Way, the Voice of the Longhorns
15:35 – On Jackson Jeffcoat being named the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year
17:34 – On the other Longhorns that earned all Big-12 Honors
18:17 – Where Mike Davis ranks in all-time Texas history
19:04 – On Texas' inability to commit to the run game
22:39 – What did Jeff began to wonder during the Texas-Baylor game?
24:00 – More on Texas not continuing to run Malcolm Brown
28:45 – On Greg Robinson's defensive game plan
29:45 – What Rod was disappointed about the Longhorns after halftime
31:04 – More frustrations from the Baylor game
33:13 – Where Jalen Overstreet is as a running back
33:51 – Final thoughts on the Baylor game

Segment 2: Behind the Burnt Orange Curtain presented by Callahan General Store (38:43)
40:00 – Rod on breaking up with Mack Brown the coach
42:45 – Matt on Texas Football under Mack Brown
44:17 – On the Texas program needing a fresh start
47:40 – Rod on why he feels Mack shouldn't coach next season
50:12 – On Joe Jamail's comments about Case McCoy
51:27 – Rod on peer competition between players
52:12 – Why Mack Brown's formula for building a team has not worked lately
55:48 – On other coaches' systems flourishing across the nation
57:33 – On the different identities that Texas' offense has had in the past few years
58:15 – Who will have the most power in the coaching decision?
60:00 – What would be envisioned for Texas football if the school brings Mack Brown back as head coach?
62:19 – What Jeff was told about how the football program is viewed by the University of Texas
63:48 – Rod explains when he realized that his own career was over
67:08 – Rod on a preseason question he posed to listeners
68:40 – On the possibility of Cedric Reed leaving school early
69:46 – On the players that Texas will not return next season
71:52 – On the immense improvement that Auburn has made after changes coaches
74:06 – The only hope Matt has for Texas to play a close game against Oregon
77:10 – On the differences between the man that recruited Rod and Mack Brown today
68:10 – On Mack Brown reading and listening to what people say about him

Segment 3: Matt’s Stats for the Week (84:34)
84:51 – Matt's Stats of the Week
85:54 – “The Next Episode”

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