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PODCAST: Longhorn Blitz (8.22.13)

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Roy Williams (far left) with Sloan Thomas and B.J. Johnson.

In this episode of Longhorn Blitz with Horns247, Horns247's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of Longhorn football talk.

This week the guys share all the information they have gathered from Texas' fall practice. Rod breaks down what he saw from the team in the closed scrimmage he attended earlier this week. They also discuss how the addition of Desmond Harrison impacts Texas' offensive line.

Plus, they pick the individual players they feel will have award winning seasons in 2013.

In addition to that, Roy Williams joins the guys on the “V.I.P. Hotline”. He talks about his life since retiring from the NFL. He shares some good stories from his playing days at Texas, including some entertaining stuff from his many battles against Rod in practice. He also explains how he ended up getting a role in the movie, “Friday Night Lights”.

Longhorn Blitz (86:10)

Segment 1: Behind the Burnt Orange Curtain presented by Callahan's General Store (7:08)

8:15 – How Desmond Harrison will affect the Texas offensive line
11:35 – How Harrison's presence makes the offensive line more versatile
17:37 – What Rod saw from the Texas offense at the closed scrimmage he attended
19:38 – What Rod saw from the Texas defense at the closed scrimmage he attended
20:44 – What surprised Rod the most from the scrimmage
23:45 – Rod shares something he noticed that Texas needs to refine before the season begins
26:55 – How confident are you that Texas' defense will be significantly better?
28:35 – Why Texas fans should expect Texas' defense to be markedly improved
31:23 – How Major Applewhite may have a unique impact on Texas players
36:24 – How Daje Johnson has performed in fall practice
37:59 – Predictions for Texas' record, and an overview of the Big 12
46:45 – Picks for newcomer of the year on offense
49:43 – Picks for newcomer of the year on defense
51:07 – What opponent should Texas fans be more worried about facing?
52:51 – Picks for a break out star on offense?
53:50 – Picks for a break out star on defense?
54:27 – Who is most likely to be an all-Big 12 performer on offense?
56:10 – Who is most likely to be an all-Big 12 performer on defense?
57:19 – Who will be Texas' offensive MVP?
58:17 – What is Texas' ceiling as a team?
59:49 – What is the possible basement for Texas in 2013?
60:47 – Is this a legacy defining season for Mack Brown?
61:35 – Crazy predictions for 2013 season

Segment 2: V.I.P. Hotline presented by Steven Van Wicklen D.D.S. – Roy Williams (66:14)

68:51 – He updates everyone on his life after the NFL
70:15 – Rod and Roy talk about their days as teammates
71:30 – On the Texas/OU rivalry
72:36 – On his role playing a coach for his rival high school in the movie, “Friday Night Lights”
74:34 – On the competitiveness between wide receivers and defensive backs when he played at Texas
76:11 – A good story about Rod and Roy during a seven-on-seven practice years ago
77:53 – He shares the characteristics needed to be a good leader
79:02 – On his days playing baseball, and his current golf game
80:11 – How he almost left school early after

Segment 3: Matt’s Stats for the Week (82:27)

83:41 – Matt's Stats of the Week
84:44 – “The Next Episode”

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