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PODCAST: Longhorn Blitz (7.11.13)

In this episode of Longhorn Blitz with Horns247, Horns247's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through almost of Longhorn football talk.

They guys discuss the depth of Texas' quarterback position after the transfer of quarterback, Connor Brewer. They also discuss what they expect to see on the field from Case McCoy and Tyrone Swoopes next season.

This week's episode also begins their preview of the 2013 season. This week they spend forty minutes breaking down how Texas matches up against New Mexico State, BYU, Ole Miss, Kansas State and Iowa State.

In addition to that, they visit with Bo Scaife on the V.I.P. Hotline. He shares a few good stories from his day at Texas. Plus, they have great discussions about the careers and current life of both Chis Simms and Vince Young.

Longhorn Blitz (100:40)

Segment 1: Behind the Burnt Orange Curtain presented by Callahan's General Store (11:40)

12:42 – On Connor Brewer's transfer
17:09 – On the roles of Case McCoy and Tyrone Swoopes in next year's offense
25:55 – The guys predict Texas' record and bowl game for 2013
29:00 – New Mexico State preview
34:51 – BYU preview
44:38 – Ole Miss preview
54:38 – Kansas State preview
61:58 – Iowa State preview
64:43 – On Texas' tough stretch of game early in the season
66:12 – Could Texas lose one or two games early in the season?

Segment 2: V.I.P. Hotline – Bo Scaife (69:23)

70:37 – On his transition to life after retiring from the NFL
71:02 – On him being one of the first hybrid tight ends
71:43 – What it takes to be a successful tight end
72:38 – On battling through the adversity of three ACL surgeries
75:44 – What Texas needs to do to beat Oklahoma
76:27 – He describes what the comeback against Oklahoma State in 2004 did to the team
77:38 – He tells his version of a story Rod told about them and Chris Simms having to deal with angry fans
69:28 – What he will do for a living after playing football
80:38 – He talks about the career and current state of his close friend, Vince Young
82:45 – On what Chris Simms is currently doing
83:25 – What he thinks Texas fans' reception will be for Chris Simms if he returns this season
85:38 – On some fans' reason for disliking Chris Simms
87:02 – On a few misconceptions about Chris Simms
88:40 – What Rod will think if Texas fans boo Chris Simms this season
89:06 – Why Simms does not come back to Austin on a regular basis
90:17 – How Rod thinks Texas would handle Chris Simms returning to a football game
90:58 – Jeff tells a story about Major Applewhite wanting to fight Jim Rome
92:18 – On the media circus that surrounded the Applewhite/Simms quarterback controversy

Segment 3: Matt’s Stats for the Week (97:29)

97:29 – Matt's stat
98:48 – “The Next Episode”

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