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Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa with is back again in this bi-weekly podcast.

The guys dissect Texas' 41-36 win over Oklahoma State in this episode of the Longhorn Round-Up.

The team of's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of nothing but Longhorn football talk.

This episode recaps Texas' 41-36 victory over Oklahoma State game more comprehensibly than anywhere else. The guys go into depth about the development of David Ash as a quarterback, the consistent improvement of the Longhorns offense, and the Texas defense not living up to the preseason expectations to this point of the season.

Like every show there are ten quick-hitting Longhorn questions in “The Blitz”. Plus, in this episode's “Overtime”, Matt shares some impressive information about Texas' ability to play well in crunch time, as well as some dominating numbers from the second half against Oklahoma State.

Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (75:05)

0:18 – Craig Way's calls of the week - part one

Segment 1: Gridiron Talk presented by Callahan's General Store (7:41)
7:46 – Craig Way's calls of the week - part two
8:55 – Jeff explains how loud Boone Pickens' Stadium was during Texas' game-winning drive
10:02 – A ton of impressive stats, news and notes from the game against Oklahoma State
16:57 – Injury report (Desmond Jackson, Malcolm Brown, Jordan Hicks, Brandon Moore, Anthony Fera)
19:42 – A look at the Texas depth chart for the West Virginia game
21:44 – Hearing from the Horns....Manny Diaz on Texas missing tackles
22:34 – Hearing from the Horns....Bryan Harsin explains what impressed him the most about the Texas offense
24:31 – Hearing from the Horns....David Ash explains the final drive against Oklahoma State
27:00 – Rod explains the environment on the field at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater
28:40 – On David Ash as a quarterback
30:15 – On David Ash's first interception of the season
31:30 – Some of the most impressive aspects of the Texas offense
33:15 – On the 2012 version of D.J. Monroe
34:21 – On Johnathan Gray's performance against Oklahoma State
35:53 – On the depth of playmakers on Texas' offense
36:44 – Does Johnathan Gray compare to a legendary lifetime Longhorn running back
37:36 – Rod explains why this is one of his favorite Longhorns offenses he has ever seen
40:00 – Recruits must be salivating to play in this Texas offense
41:58 – What Rod learned from the Texas offense against Oklahoma State
43:31 – Can Texas still be an elite defense this season?
46:03 – What you need from your defense in order to win in the Big 12
46:44 – The insane amount of yards allowed by the Texas defense on the ground to Oklahoma State
48:45 – A big contributing factor in Texas' ineffective rush defense
55:08 – Rod explains what teams have to do to beat Big 12 offenses
56:15 – What is the book on the Texas defense
57:30 – Rod's theory about why Texas' defense is having troubles tackling

Segment 2: The Blitz (62:48)
63:13 – Is it more staggering the Texas missed twelve tackles or that Oklahoma State scores on three drives that took less than one minute?
63:46 – Did Johnathan Gray or Daje Johnson have a better game?
64:11 – Did Johnathan Gray win the job running the wildcat against Oklahoma State?
64:24 – Which senior had a better performance? D.J. Monroe or Luke Poehlmann?
65:03 – Did D.J. Grant or Mike Davis have a more impressive catch on the final drive?
65:46 – What was more under-appreciated? Marquise Goodwin on third downs or Jaxon Shipley's three touchdowns?
68:18 – Did Joe Bergeron fumble?
69:10 – How afraid were you on Oklahoma State's final play of the game?
69:45 – What is more surprising? That Texas is ninth in the nation in scoring offense or Texas ranking 63rd nationally in total defense?
70:25 – A surprise question for Rod

Segment 3: Overtime (72:12)
72:12 – Bennie Wylie's inspiration for “Overtime”
72:30 – Matt's “Overtime” on some great stats for Texas
73:50 – The Next Episode

Listen to the Longhorn Round-Up here

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