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Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa with is back again in this bi-weekly podcast.

In this episode of the Longhorn Round-Up the guys give a comprehensive look at the OSU game.

The team of's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of nothing but Longhorn football talk.

In this Thursday episode, the guys preview the game against Oklahoma State more comprehensibly than anywhere else. They share their opinions about what they think will be the deciding factors in the game against the Cowboys. Rod also explains the environment inside Boone Pickens Stadium from back in his playing days at Texas, and he shares insight into how he thinks Texas will scheme to stop the potent Oklahoma State offense. They also share the latest injury news regarding Jordan Hicks, Anthony Fera and Joe Bergeron.

As always, there are ten hard-hitting questions in “The Blitz”, all of which focus the Longhorns match-up against the Cowboys in Stillwater.

Plus, in this episode's edition of “Hearing from the Horns”, you will get to hear some quotes from defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, cornerback Quandre Diggs, and wide receiver Marquise Goodwin on the type of match-up they will face against the Cowboys on Saturday.

Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (71:22)

Segment 1: Gridiron Talk presented by Callahan's General Store – part one (10:30)
10:50 – A few dubious distinction about the Texas Longhorns
12:53 – Injury news on Jordan Hicks, Anthony Fera and Joe Bergeron
14:24 – Hearing from the Horns....Manny Diaz on how he will prepare for the OSU quarterbacks
15:17 – Hearing from the Horns....Manny Diaz on defending OSU's spread
16:04 – Hearing from the Horns....Quandre Diggs on the defense's subpar performance thus far this season
16:51 – Hearing from the Horns....Marquise Goodwin on going back to Stillwater
18:35 – Assessing the grades the guys gave each position for the Texas Longhorns
19:36 – What is the ceiling for the Texas offense based off what we saw in the first three games?
21:03 – Could this Texas offense deteriorate throughout the season?
23:48 – A championship team that Texas could mirror
26:11 – A disturbing trend for the Texas offense early in games
26:56 – Why Oklahoma State's defense matches up well against the Texas offense
27:57 – Is Bryan Harsin the perfect style of offensive coordinator to counter OSU's defensive attack
29:25 – Is the ceiling for the Texas defense the same as it was during the preseason?
33:13 – What Texas' defense has done really well so far this season
35:33 – Oklahoma State team preview
39:13 – How much of an advantage would it be for Texas if Wes Lunt starts for OSU?
41:07 – On the success of the Oklahoma State running game
42:20 – Which dimension of the OSU offense would you prefer to take away?
43:58 – What OSU did to beat Texas last season, and how OSU will scheme against Texas this season
43:37 – What the linebackers will have to do if Jordan Hicks does not play
47:01 – Who has the edge between the Texas defense and the OSU offense?
49:51 – Who Jeff thinks will be the difference in this game for the Texas defense in order for Texas to win at OSU
51:55 – How the Texas offense matches up against OSU
55:43 – Score prediction for Texas @ Oklahoma State

Segment 2: The Blitz (59:06)
59:25 – Does Quandre Diggs intercept his fourth pass of the season against Oklahoma State?
59:44 – Does the Texas offense rush for more or less than their average of 258.7 yards per game?
60:04 – Does Texas get more or less than five sacks against Oklahoma State?
60:21 – What stat line does Davis Ash need to have for Texas to beat Oklahoma State?
60:42 – Texas loses this game if they give up how many points?
61:06 – Who wins the turnover battle between Texas and Oklahoma State, and by how much?
61:25 – What is the toughest aspect about playing in Stillwater?
62:10 – What is the grade that the Texas special teams unit needs in order for them to leave Stillwater with a victory?
62:40 – Texas wins this game if what happens?
63:02 – Who are the offensive and defensive X-factors for Texas against Oklahoma State?
64:15 – Rod explains how he clinched the victory over Oklahoma State in 2002

Segment 3: Overtime (66:53)
66:53 – Bennie Wylie's inspiration for “Overtime”
67:12 – Matt's “Overtime”
68:10– The Next Episode”

Listen to the Longhorn Round-Up here

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