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PODCAST: Longhorn Blitz (Feb. 14)

In the premiere episode of “Longhorn Blitz”,'s Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of Longhorn football talk.

In this week's episode the guys talk about a the Texas DBs, 2014 recruiting and Longhorn basketball.

This week the guys break down the back-seven of the Texas defense. They share their opinions on which jobs should be open for competition. They also discuss which players they think will make an impact on the Texas defense in 2013.

Jeff goes through all of the junior day offers that Texas extended to recruits this past weekend in this week’s “Blue Chip Report”. Matt also shares his opinion on Derick Roberson after covering his basketball game on Tuesday night.

In addition to that, Austin-American Statesman’s Texas basketball beat writer, Mark Rosner, joins the guys to talk about Texas Longhorn basketball and the return of Myck Kabongo.

Longhorn Blitz presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (78:16)

2:16 – Jeff introduces the new format for the podcast

Segment 1: “Behind the Burnt Orange Curtain” presented by Callahan's General Store (8:00)

9:59 – Is Quandre Diggs the only player that has a job locked down in the Texas secondary?
11:28 – What position should Quandre Diggs play next season?
15:50 – How Carrington Byndom may fit into the Texas defense next season?
17:27 – How Duke Thomas may fit into the Texas defense next season?
18:43 – On a couple differences between Will Muschamp and Manny Diaz
19:59 – Who will be Texas’ safeties next season?
22:34 – Jeff suggests a possible position change for a current Texas safety
24:11 – On the Texas cornerback position for the 2013 season
26:00 – Rod explains the culture that has made Texas known as D.B.U.
26:58 – Will one of the inexperienced young defensive backs make an impact next season?
28:42 – What should Texas fans expect from Adrian Phillips next season?
30:54 – Is Steve Edmond out of place playing in the Big 12 Conference?
32:27 – On Kendall Thompson, Tevin Jackson and Dalton Santos
35:31 – Does the 2011 Texas defense or the 2012 Texas defense best represent Manny Diaz’s defense?
36:21 – Rod explains a quality that great coaches possess
38:32 – Matt on what may have been part of the reason Texas’ defense struggled in 2012
42:23 – Rod and Jeff share a very awkward moment they had covering the Alamo Bowl

Segment 2: “Blue Chip Report” (44:26)
44:31 – Jeff on the junior day offers Texas extended to recruits this past weekend
48:05 – Jeff on the linebackers that Texas is targeting
51:24 – Matt discusses Derick Roberson after seeing him play basketball on Tuesday
53:41 – Jeff on Cam Hampton and Rodrick Bernard
54:21 – Rod asks if Jaxon Shipley could play the slot receiver for Texas in 2013?
56:50 – Rod’s funny story about a near fight between an NFL running back and former Longhorn player
57:48 – Rod shares the story of how he knew Beyonce and dated Kelly Rowland
62:07 – Jeff on Jerrod Heard

Segment 3: V.I.P. Hotline – Austin-American Statesman’s Mark Rosner (68:31)
68:45 – On the impact of Myck Kabongo returning for the rest of the season
69:54 – On Myck Kabongo’s draft prospects
70:58 – Does Texas still have a chance to be an at-large team in the NCAA tournament?
71:52 – What is the main reason that Texas has struggled this season?
73:20 – Can Texas make a deep run in the tournament next season if Keith Frazier and/or Julius Randle sign with Texas?

Segment 3: Matt’s Stats for the Week (75:20)
75:20 – Matt’s rant
76:23 – The Next Episode

Listen to the Longhorn Round-Up here

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