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Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa with is back again in this bi-weekly podcast.

In this episode of the Longhorn Round-Up the guys look back at how Texas has played through ten games.

The team of's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of nothing but Longhorn football talk.

In this Thursday episode, the guys take a comprehensive look at the 2012 Texas Longhorns team through ten games. They share their opinions on the performance of all position groups, and discuss the magnitude of the last two games on the schedule and how the team's performance in those games will make or break the season.

Also, lifetime Longhorn Aaron Humphrey joins the show to talk about this season's team, his playing days at Texas, football in general and his memories of Darrell K. Royal.

And as always, there are five topics which are debated upon in “The Blitz”.

Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (67:57)

5:32 - Rod on what you have to know to be a man

8:40 - Jeff finally tells us how he met his wife

Gridiron Talk presented by Callahan's General Store – Part I (14:21)
14:27 - Rod on the team's overall performance through ten games

16:42 - Matt on the team's improvement since the OU game

18:54 - On what has helped, and hurt, the Texas team in 2012

20:23 - Jeff on the Kansas and OU game

21:23 - In what direction is this Texas team 'trending'?

22:50 - On the position groups that have overachieved so far this season

24:10 - How Jeff got a Playboy Playmate to follow him on twitter.

26:33 - Does Texas have to beat Kansas State to feel good about the progress of the Texas football program

Gridiron Talk presented by Callahan's General Store – Part II (33:24)
34:27 - What lifetime Longhorn Aaron Humphrey has been up to the past couple years
36:48 - On his interactions with Coach Darrell K Royal

37:52 - On the defenses he played on while he was at Texas

39:18 - On the main problem plaguing the Texas defense this season

41:53 - Would he have liked to play in the spread era of the Big 12?
43:38 - On the Aggies
45:05 - On the Texas/OU game
46:35 - On the Texas Tech game and a few memories from his days playing Tech
47:14 - On the current defensive ends at Texas

48:33 - On playing football at a high level

Segment 2: The Blitz (53:43)
54:06 - Does Josh Turner or Duke Thomas have a brighter future?
55:27 - Would you rather see more of Malcom Brown or Shiro Davis?
56:25 - Would you rather target Mike Davis or Jaxon Shipley in a clutch situation?
59:13 - Who has been the bigger disappointment this season, TCU or West Virginia?
60:36 - Is David Ash the second best quarterback in the Big 12?

Segment 3: Overtime (61:50)
61:50 - Bennie Wylie's inspiration for “Overtime”
62:09 - A humorous "Overtime"
64:00 - "The Next Episode"

Listen to the Longhorn Round-Up here

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