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Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa with is back again in this bi-weekly podcast.

In this episode of the Longhorn Round-Up the guys review Texas' 33-7 win over Iowa State.

The team of's Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of nothing but Longhorn football talk.

In this Tuesday episode, the guys review the Texas Longhorns’ 33-7 victory over the Iowa State Cyclones, they discuss the development of the 2012 Texas football team as a whole, and they share what stood out to them about the team in the win over ISU. They also go in depth about the play of the Texas defensive line, and they share their opinions on what they really liked from the Texas offense.

And in honor of Darrell K Royal, this week’s version of “The Blitz” consists solely of questions and topics about Coach Royal.

Longhorn Round-Up presented by My Chihuahua Bites Salsa (66:41)

0:17 - Calls of the week from the Voice of the Texas Longhorns – part two
4:08 – Rod explains his interactions with Darrell K. Royal

Segment 1: Gridiron Talk presented by Callahan's General Store (10:42)
10:47 - Calls of the week from the Voice of the Texas Longhorns – part two
12:04 – The guys' initial thoughts from after the victory over Iowa State
16:00 – Why Texas' win over Iowa State was good because of the uncontrollable aspects
19:02 – On missed tackles
20:02 – On the Texas defensive line
23:54 – A great Darrell K Royal quote
24:47 – More on the Texas defensive line
26:45 – On who was a pleasant surprise to see play really well against Iowa State
29:54 – On how Texas players watch film
32:02 – On the scheming of the Texas offense
37:08 – On Texas' first down production on offense
38:21 – On Mike Davis and his production
42:49 – What really matters to be a great Texas player
46:56 – Some more impressive numbers for the Texas offense

Segment 2: The Blitz (53:40)
50:53 – What was the favorite Darrell K Royal tribute?
52:02 – What formation was better at it's best? Vince Young running the zone-read? Or Darrell K Royal's wishbone offense?
53:04 – Would you rather have James Street or Colt McCoy running your offense?
55:43 – What is your favorite Darrell K Royal quote?

Segment 3: Overtime (58:28)
58:28 - Bennie Wylie's inspiration for “Overtime”
58:47 - Jeff has a fruit metaphor for the Texas football team in this episode's "Overtime"
64:00 - "The Next Episode"

Listen to the Longhorn Round-Up here

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