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PODCAST: Longhorn Blitz (4.25.13)

In this episode of “Longhorn Blitz”,'s Jeff Howe, Austin radio veteran Matt Butler and lifetime Longhorn, six-year NFL veteran and current sideline reporter for Texas Longhorns football Rod Babers take Longhorn fans through more than an hour of Longhorn football talk.

In this episode the guys talk about recruiting, the NFL Draft and much more.

This week the guys discuss if they think David Ash's play will be to the level that coincides with being the Big 12's most experienced quarterback. Rod also shares a key quality that quarterbacks have to possess in order to have highly successful careers. They also discuss a few quotes from Mack Brown from the most recent Big 12 conference call.

In addition to that, Leonard Davis joins the show. He discusses his trip to the Super Bowl with the San Fransisco 49ers this past season, his playing days at Texas and the process he went through on the way to becoming th highest drafted player at Texas during the Mack Brown era.

Jeff also updates everyone on the Longhorns most recent recruiting news including the decommitment of Forth Worth All Saints OT Demetrius Knox.

Longhorn Blitz presented by Kettler Roofing (97:28)

Segment 1: “Behind the Burnt Orange Curtain” presented by Callahan's General Store (9:29)
11:12 – Rod on how he has drafted and cut by NFL teams
13:15 – Rod predicts who he thinks will draft Kenny Vaccaro, Alex Okafor and Marquise Goodwin
17:40 – Will David Ash's play be to the level that coincides with being the Big 12's most experienced quarterback?
21:39 – On the quality that Texas has lacked the past two seasons
26:33 – Rod describes a key quality that successful quarterbacks possess
27:52 – What Mack Brown said he told the team about their 2012 season and the current state of the program
33:38 – On Mack Brown talking about the expectations at Texas
35:00 – On Mack Brown's quote on maintaining a successful program

Segment 2: Blue Chip Report (40:34)
40:38 – How the de-commitment of Demetrius Knox affects 2014 and 2015 recruiting
43:19 – On the possibility of having a de-commit recommit to a school
44:05 – Jeff shares his opinion on Demetrius Knox's de-comittment
45:00 – Rod explains how social media would have affected his recruitment
46:00 – Rod talks about a factor that Texas still faces in recruiting
49:30 – Jeff share his top two targets for Texas in the 2014 class

Segment 3: V.I.P. Hotline – Leonard Davis (56:04)
57:30 – On what he is doing this offseason
59:21 – On living in the dorms
60:02 – How he became a member of the 49ers
62:05 – Does anything compare to playing in the Super Bowl?
63:13 – On the process that led up to being selected second overall in the 2001 NFL Draft
65:30 – What are the most important qualities about being a great offensive lineman?
67:46 – On a few legendary stories about him
70:04 – On his playing days at Texas

Segment 4: Matt’s Stats for the Week (76:35)
76:35 – Matt’s rant
77:41 – The Next Episode

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