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The Latest on Applewhite

I'm told Sunday's Board of Regents meeting is scheduled not to discuss Major Applewhite's situation solely, but to discuss the situation involving former women's track coach Bev Kearney by comparison. Kearney resigned in early January after admitting an affair with a former student-athlete.

The discussion, one source told me, has to do with Kearney's punishment as it relates to the punishment of personnel in the men's athletic department and any possible double standards that might have taken place.


When comparing Applewhite's situation with Kearney's it should be noted that one of the reasons Kearney resigned amid an affair with an athlete wasn't necessarily the affair itself. Kearney's situation turned the way it did because she failed to report the affair, whereas Applewhite went to Dodds once his situation came to light.


I'm told that, as has been documented, Applewhite went to Texas Men's Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds after the incident occurred. I'm told Applewhite admitted what happened and, according to the University handbook, followed the proper protocol by notifying Dodds of the situation.

The bottom line as far as we can tell Applewhite did what he was supposed to do once the incident occurred.


I've been told by a source with knowledge of the situation that after Applewhite admitted wrongdoing that in addition to Dodds Mack Brown, University President Bill Powers and Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs Patricia Ohlendorff were all notified of the incident.

I'm told all four had a meeting at one point to discuss the situation.

What I've been told by multiple sources is that Dodds, Brown and Powers all either signed off on Applewhite's punishment or were made aware of what the punishment was before Applewhite was notified.


I can confirm a report by the Austin American-Stateman that Applewhite is being advised by Joe Jamail.

“I think it's over,” Jamail told Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls. “He's already been punished.”


As far as any other repercussions coming from this as it relates to any other athletic department personnel on the men's or women's side, I'm told to treat those situations with a wait-and-see approach.

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